30 + Jiang Fangzhou: signing a marriage promotion agreement with his mother, loving but not being able to be the normal life

 30 + Jiang Fangzhou: signing a marriage promotion agreement with his mother, loving but not being able to be the normal life


Jiang Fangzhou is a talented woman among the talented women. He published a book at the age of 7 and was admitted to Tsinghua University at 19. Now he is the deputy editor in chief of important publications, and his career is undoubtedly successful. But she is the same as tens of thousands of 30 + women, urging marriage is simply the daily habit of relatives and friends. Originally, has not yet had the object which the heart wants already slightly embarrassed. Now, its not going to pass, is it? They are still mentioned again and again, as if it was their own mistake. Cant you get married? Cant you get married? Other people, but also try to avoid contact. Your parents, you have to account for it.

Jiang Fangzhou likes the sword to take the edge, she yearns for the shocking love. She is a maverick. She thinks: young people are not worthy of themselves, and middle-aged people are not worthy of themselves. Only those over 70 years old with enough wisdom can communicate with themselves. When he was 18 years old, Jiang Fangzhous fantastic thought. Now, I dont think so. It was Jiang Fangzhous mother who was most anxious to get married. how? Life events can not be implemented, Jiang Fangzhou and his mother signed a marriage Promotion Agreement. She reluctantly accepted, half a year to urge marriage.


Promoting marriage is a technical work. And those who are forced to marry still have to take some measures to deal with it. In his 20s, Jiang Fangzhous parents would occasionally sidestep on the phone. Its like, did she have a boyfriend, etc. Jiang Fangzhou bought a suite for his parents, but they were embarrassed to urge their marriage after they received the house. According to Jiang Fangzhou, it is eating people with soft mouth. More than ten years have passed, and it doesnt matter if you buy a house? Jiang Fangzhou, you can avoid the first day of junior high school, but you cant hide for fifteen. So, if you have time, go on a blind date.


Zhang Ailing said that it is early to be famous. Jiang Fangzhou, who became famous in her early years, was in University: the most regrettable thing is that I didnt meet by chance. I used to say that I like the boys of science and Engineering in Tsinghua University. Now I feel the cold wind blowing on my face and my teeth are cold. They always pounce on the lab seriously, and they dont have time to sit down for coffee and chat. Now shes been urged to marry, but she has her own principles. Her requirements for love: it is smoky, secular, even vulgar. True love, that is to put into life. Accept, the cruel test of reality.


Jiang Fangzhou, a sober man in the world, was relaxed after signing a marriage promotion agreement with his mother. Its only once every six months. I can always face it happily. But love is still floating in which corner of the world? Jiang Fangzhous understanding of love seems to have some grey taste. She said that love but not cant be the normal life: love but not, love is disappointed, the person you love doesnt love you, or the person you love cant love you for a long time, you have to accept this is the normal life. When you are in love, you can accept it. Its not good to get married.


Some people say: Jiang Fangzhou abandoned the great efforts to sign a marriage Promotion Agreement, just want to give love a promise. Well, I hope shell do what she wants!