The phone was robbed every minute after it was lost? How to set the SIM card password

 The phone was robbed every minute after it was lost? How to set the SIM card password

It is reported that recently, after stealing personal mobile phones, some criminals steal users personal information in an administrative app, and then use the information to apply for online loan consumption, resulting in the loss of users property.

If the mobile phone does not have a SIM card password, this is completely possible. At present, many apps take SMS verification code as the basis for login verification or password retrieval, which belongs to a single weak verification.

After losing your mobile phone, you cant prevent others from pulling out the SIM card and using other mobile phones to operate various apps. There are too many things to do!

Add a password to the SIM card, the mobile phone number will not be used casually

To prevent this situation, SIM card password is very necessary. After setting the SIM card password, even if others pull out your SIM card, you cant use SMS verification code and other means, which greatly improves the security! Because of this, the Ministry of industry and information technology will emphasize the setting of SIM card password.

But how to set the SIM card password? I found that many friends do not have this awareness, do not know the way, today to briefly talk about it.

What is the SIM card password?

There are three common passwords closely related to mobile phone number, which are pin code, PUK code and service password. The differences are as follows.

Pin code: the SIM card password in the usual sense. If the pin code is set, you need to input the pin code before using the SIM card, otherwise the SIM card will be locked.

If the pin code is input incorrectly for three consecutive times, the SIM card will be locked and the PUK card is needed to unlock it. If no pin code has been set, the default pin code is 1234. If there are exceptions, please consult the operator.

PUK Code: when pin code is locked after three consecutive input errors, it needs to be unlocked with PUK code. By default, the PUK code will be attached to the large card when purchasing the SIM card, such as the location in the following figure:

PUK code cant be changed by individuals. At the same time, it also has the limit of input times. If the input error is ten times in a row, the SIM card may be locked. You need to submit personal information to the operators network to unlock it.

Service password: when using the online business hall, handheld business hall app and other operator services, you need to use the service password to log in. By default, the service password is the last six digits of the ID card, or six zeros. It may be other. Please consult the operator for details. After logging into the website or app of the online business hall, the service password can be changed by itself.

Finally, I would like to remind you that pin code and PUK code can be inquired through online business hall webpage or app.

However, it should be noted that the pin code found is only the initial factory setting; if you lose the large SIM card, this method can be used to retrieve the PUK code.

How to set SIM card password?

Generally speaking, SIM card password refers to pin code. Heres how to set the pin code.

Android phone

Take android10 as an example. In the setting interface, find the item security and lock screen. Click in to expand the advanced option, you can see the SIM card lock function, where you can set the SIM card PIN code.


IPhone settings are similar to Android phones. In the setting interface of iPhone, find cellular mobile network, and then you can find SIM pin code and set it.


Source: Pacific computer network editor in charge: Wu Bo_ NT3514