Verizon and Microsoft Nokia cooperate to deploy private 5g network

 Verizon and Microsoft Nokia cooperate to deploy private 5g network


With private 5g network, enterprise customers dont have to compete with other enterprises for public network resources. They can help data intensive applications such as computer vision, augmented reality (AR), machine learning to improve productivity.

Microsofts cloud computing service azure will run on Verizons 5g network to process data generated by local devices and use artificial intelligence to automate operations. Microsoft launched the new service directly for telecom operators late last month.

Icemobility, an American logistics company, is the first customer in the new partnership to track and ensure that employees put their products in the right boxes, thus eliminating routine quality inspection procedures.

Verizon now hopes to take a piece of the new business that 5g brings, whether by working with big companies or by buying shares in smaller companies, such as virtual reality company 8i and electric scooter charging system supplier swiftmile.

Verizons own network has not yet extended to the international market, so the company chose to cooperate with Nokia to build private networks for manufacturing and logistics enterprises.

Next years focus will be on deploying private 5g networks and not pursuing commercial success for the time being, said sowmyanarayan Sampath, President of Verizons global enterprise business. We will focus on early earnings from 2022.