Without use, the U.S. directly discarded Russian assisted ventilators

 Without use, the U.S. directly discarded Russian assisted ventilators

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As early as March this year, when the United States was facing the first serious outbreak of the new crown disease, President trump called Russian President Putin for help.

In response, Moscow sent An-124 Ruslan military transport plane, and delivered 45 ventilators, as well as other medical supplies, such as protective masks, goggles, masks and disinfectants, to the United States. The materials were worth more than 1 million US dollars, and the words from Russia, full of love were engraved on the outer packing box.

On April 1, the ventilator from Russia was received by FEMA officials in New York, where it was distributed to local and New Jersey hospitals. However, the aventa-m ventilator has never been used due to some problems from the beginning.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, they have actually been thrown into the dustbin. The disposal of donated ventilators follows strict hazardous waste disposal regulations and guidelines established by the General Services Administration (GSA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), he said

The exact time to dispose of the ventilator is not known. As early as may, the agency said it had placed the machine in storage facilities in New York and New Jersey after learning of technical problems.

FEMA explained that there are many reasons for this. Including Russia, the United States grid voltage difference, which means that if there is no hospital, no dedicated adapter can not be used.

In addition, the manufacturer of the ventilator is under U.S. sanctions.

The report said this caused a stir, especially among congressional Democrats, who attacked the White House for taking in ventilators and their apparent costs from sanctioned companies.

In addition, the Democrats are angry about the difference between the cost of medical aid provided by Russia to the United States and the amount of medical aid provided by the United States to Russia.

In June, a video on the US embassys Twitter account in Moscow showed a US military cargo plane arriving in Russia with 200 ventilators.

Currently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States and Russia are both high and are experiencing a new outbreak.

This week alone, Russia set a record number of new confirmed cases in a single day, with more than 15000 new cases, the Moscow Times reported.

Source: Johns Hopkins University real time data website, as of 7:24, October 21

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