Zhang Shuai has finished his last race of the season and is looking forward to playing more next year

 Zhang Shuai has finished his last race of the season and is looking forward to playing more next year

Ostrava open is a temporary addition to this years tour and Zhang Shuais last stop of the season. After the French Open, Zhang Shuai has been in France, waiting for this event.

Facing muhova, Zhang Shuai didnt have any chance in the whole match, and ended the season with two 1-6 exits.

For the first time in Ostrava, I love it very much. The event was very good and safe. Its just a pity that I lost the first round and the opponent played very well. I hope this race can continue to be held and there will be a chance to come here in the future Zhang Shuai said that muhovas technology is very comprehensive, many times came to the net, the rhythm is also very fast, I appreciate her tennis style, I hope I can learn a lot from the game, to improve myself.

Since the restart of the tour in early August, Zhang Shuai has been traveling to the United States, Italy, France, Czech and other places to participate. After the Ostrava open, Zhang Shuai will return to China in the near future, looking at the ticket, hoping to return home as soon as possible and spend the time before the Australian Open with friends.

Talking about this incomplete season, Zhang Shuai said that everyone worked hard and hoped that there would be more games to play next year. This year, due to the epidemic situation, everyone has made great changes, and we are working hard to return to normal work under the condition of keeping healthy. Zhang Shuai took part in the tournaments after the restart of the tour. She also cherished such an opportunity. Im very happy to be able to participate in tennis matches again. I hope I can participate in more competitions next year. I hope that the epidemic situation will improve and that people all over the world can keep healthy and happy.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NB12651