Increase the pressure! Korean media: Korean enterprises in the United States that want to use Huawei equipment

 Increase the pressure! Korean media: Korean enterprises in the United States that want to use Huawei equipment

Yonhap: U.S. State Department to use Huaweis (equipment) Korean enterprises think deeplyu201c

According to the report, when asked whether to express concerns to South Korea for LGU + companies using Huawei equipment, relevant people in the office of the spokesman for the US State Department said that private enterprises would make their own decisions, while claiming that the US side had always urged that the issue of possibly unreliable suppliers should be considered carefully in the construction of all 5g networks.

According to the report, the US side also asked South Korea to exclude Huawei at the South Korea US high-level economic agreement meeting held on the 14th, while South Korea repeatedly stated its position of determined by private enterprises.

In response to South Koreas statement, relevant people in the US State Department claimed that it is in the interests of all companies to measure its reputation and potential legal risks in the transaction with Huawei, and further made comments that discredit Huawei. The source also continued to press South Korea to join the so-called clean network program.

Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 20th that the so-called clean network in the United States is a discriminatory, exclusive and politicized dirty network, which is undesirable. First of all, this dirty network is eavesdropping network. The United States has been wantonly monitoring network eavesdropping for a long time, and recently launched the five eyes alliance and related countries to publicly require enterprises to set up backdoors in encrypted applications. Huawei has repeatedly made it clear that it is willing to sign a backdoor free agreement with all countries. The reason why the United States suppressed Huawei may be because it is worried that if other countries use Huawei, the United States will no longer be able to go through the back door and engage in eavesdropping. Second, this dirty network is a monopoly network. In history, in order to safeguard its monopoly and self-interest and technological hegemony, the US side wantonly used the national machinery to suppress non-U.S. enterprises that have gained leading advantages in a certain field. This bandit practice is common. Toshiba of Japan in 1987 and ALSTOM of France in 2014 are all precedents. The so-called clean network is just a synonym for digital bullying. Third, this dirty network is also an ideological network. The so-called clean network is false, and the implementation of cold war of science and technology and national discrimination is true. In the era of globalization, it is not only against the basic law of scientific and technological development to draw a line for technological development with ideology and deliberately strike at specific countries and specific enterprises, but also to draw a line between the land and the land and harm others and themselves.

Zhao Lijian further said that many countries are not interested in the so-called clean network of the United States, even very disgusted. We believe that most countries will adhere to independence, make independent judgments, say no to the dirty network of the United States, and provide a fair, just, open and non discriminatory 5g business environment for enterprises of all countries.

Source: global network editor: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279