Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as president of Archery Association

 Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as president of Archery Association

Abe, the former prime minister, posed as an archer in an interview

Shinzo Abe, 66, a former Japanese Prime Minister, was interviewed by the daily sports on the 19th. In the context of the decision to extend the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympics for one year due to the impact of the new virus, taking into account the International Olympic Committee and the athletes, he said that one year is the maximum when suspension must be avoided. He also talked about his eagerness to resign as prime minister and return to be president of the all Japan Archery Association in about eight years from October.

Abe, the former Prime Minister of the archery club in Chengxi Sports Association

From October 1, President Abe will return to lead the Japanese Archery Association. In the era of Chengqi University, he once held activities in the archery club of the Sports Association for four years. Feel the charm of competition. As president of the association, for the next summers Tokyo Olympic Games, he said that the goal is clear, very confident in the players!

Abe, who wanted to join the sports department at University, said: I met archery competition when I was considering whether there was a sport that everyone could start from scratch.

After entering politics, he was invited to be qualified as president of the alliance. Its not good for me to be president with competition experience in 2005. Because the Minister of state could not concurrently hold the post of public welfare legal person, the prime minister was suspended during his term of office. This time, he returned after eight years.

The final selection meeting for representatives of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in March next year at the archery field of Tokyo Dream Island Park. In the 12 year London Olympic Games, 5 men and 5 women each competed for the silver medal winner Guchuan Gaoqing and the bronze medal winner Zaochuan Lian of the womens group in the same Olympic Games. The top three will be selected as representatives.

Japans mens and womens teams have very promising players. The Olympic Games are held in their own country, with home court advantage, but there will also be great pressure. But they are all players who can overcome the pressure, so they are looking forward to it.

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, responsible editor of Netease Sports_ NB12651