F18 parachuting pilot crashes near Lake China

 F18 parachuting pilot crashes near Lake China

According to the US naval Association website (usni) reported on October 20, US Navy Aviation lieutenant commander Zac Haler told usni news that a US Navy f / A-18E Super Hornet carrier based fighter plane crashed near the US Navy Air Station at China Lake in California on the morning of October 20.

A spokesman for the U.S. Navy Air Force said the single seat Super Hornet fighter from the Naval Air Station in Lemore, California, was in flight training when it crashed at about 10:10 local time. After the accident, the pilot successfully ejected from the fighter.

The spokesman said the pilot is in stable condition and is receiving treatment in a local medical institution. The incident is under investigation. The U.S. Navy is investigating with local authorities.

California is located in the middle of the Harvey mountains. Its not a dry lake in China. Due to its open and dry terrain, it is very suitable for air force weapon test. Therefore, the U.S. Navy has established weapon test range and air station in the China Lake area.

Earlier, on the morning of May 15 local time, an F-22 fighter plane belonging to Eglin Air Force Base crashed and the pilot ejected safely.

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