The most popular way to eat cereal DIY is here

 The most popular way to eat cereal DIY is here

Do you usually eat cereal? Do you want to eat it dry or simply soak it in cold milk?

If I could make you a delicious cereal without any effort, would you be excited?

In this issue, you can learn how to eat N kinds of cereals in a few minutes. It is easy to use, delicious and enjoyable. It is perfect for your breakfast and supper.

Who can turn down the most satisfying cereal? (there are still benefits at the end of the article


Avocado bacon oat salad



1. Cut lettuce leaves into small pieces, wash, slice avocado, dice bacon and stir fry

2. Spread lettuce on the plate, add avocado slices, bacon, and then add some cereal

3. Drizzle with thousand island sauce / salad dressing, stir well and serve

Hu hugui: Avocado + bacon + oatmeal salad mix, a second into a refined city beauty!

The taste is really too rich, avocado and lettuce fresh, crisp bacon salty, cereal sweet intertwined together, really do not want to stop the fork! I especially like the yogurt in cereal. Its sweet and sour, and it has texture.



Oatmeal avocado milk sugar

1. Spread cereal evenly at the bottom of the glass

3. Pour in a small amount of milk to form a layer of cereal avocado milk and serve

A small amount of cereal can be mixed into milk to increase the viscosity and ensure clear stratification and not easy to infiltrate

Acid: not only save the time of threshing fruit and cleaning the machine, but also dont have to make a single order. Experience the life of a famous woman at 0 threshold.

No sugar, strawberries, grapes, yellow peach dried fruit to the sweetness just right. Crispy dried oatmeal, thick butter paste, and cold sweet milk fusion, taste from crisp to glutinous, layered clear and beautiful, very beautiful.


Overnight oatmeal cup


Cereal fresh fruit milk plain yogurt


1. Take a clean, oil-free, empty can and pour in some cereal

2. Pour in the same amount of milk, then pour in the same number of grams of yogurt, stir well

3. Cover or cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight

4. Get up in the morning, add your favorite fresh fruit diced, ready to eat

Xiao Luo: milk fragrance and coconut fragrance blend perfectly! Temperature is also I ice people like the feeling!

I usually use yogurt to soak cereal, always feel a little less internal flavor. After a night of lingering with milk and yoghurt, the milk flavor is more intense, and the coconut flavor and the light sour taste of dried fruit also well neutralize the sweetness of yogurt.


Oatmeal energy bar


Cereal, eggs, a milk


1. Spread oil paper in the glass bowl and pour in the right amount of cereal

3. After mixing, press the surface with a spoon

4. Put into the oven, bake at 200 u2103 for 20 minutes, and then cut into strips


After baking, you can take the oil paper out of the glass bowl, cool for a while and cut it more easily.

Grapefruit may be: the overall flavor is sweet, the surface is Caramel flavored oat milk skin, which is simply fragrant, and the inside is more soft, and the taste is similar to the sandwich of grape egg tarts.

Compared with the loose milk oats, this method is more compact and full. It has a strong sense of satiety when making breakfast. It can resist hunger and reduce fat. It is very energetic all morning!



Oatmeal, purple potato, two plain yoghurt


1. Peel and wash purple sweet potato, cut into pieces, and steam in a steamer

2. Put it in a cool place and mash it in a bowl

3. Put the purple potato mud upside down on the plate, sprinkle with proper amount of original yogurt, sprinkle with appropriate amount of cereal

Xiaolan: after finishing the ouwu bite, you can really feel like a dessert!

The steamed purple sweet potato becomes soft and glutinous. The yogurt noodles with crispy cereals make it pop cake ready to eat. The sweetness of the ingredients and the sweetness of the cereal complement each other, making the whole fresh and natural.


Banana oatmeal


Oatmeal, banana, one egg, one milk


1. Cut half a banana and mash it with a spoon

2. Beat in an egg, add the right amount of cereal and milk, stir into a paste


When adding milk, it can be added in small amount and multiple batches to ensure proper viscosity

A dish: bananas are really good for desserts, a bowl of milk with cereal, and energy for breakfast.

The taste is soft and tender, which is the flavor of banana muffin. The addition of yogurt and nuts makes it have a sweet taste, which is suitable for childrens taste lovers. Egg fragrance of egg, wheat aroma of cereal, and sweet banana perfectly blend, Trinity, soothing taste buds.


Overnight oatmeal toast



1. Take 4-5cm thick toast, press the middle part with a spoon and press it into concave shape

2. Pour proper amount of cereal into the toast concave and smooth it evenly

3. Beat an egg, stir, add sugar and milk, stir well

4. Soak the toast in egg milk and refrigerate overnight

5. In the morning, put a little butter on top of the toast

6. Preheat the oven at 200 u2103 for 5 minutes, then put the toast into the oven and bake for 15 minutes before serving

Xiaolan: its a lazy mans version of cedars!

On top of that, the added flaxseed and coconut flavors in the cereal are really amazing, and the tone is refreshing.


Oil tea and oat paste



1. Take a small bag of tea oil products and pour it into a bowl

2. Add 200ml hot water at 80 u2103 and stir well

3. Pour in the right amount of cereal and serve

Nowadays, young people have a deep misunderstanding of Camellia oleifera, which is salty, fragrant, nutritious and full of childhood feelings, is not inferior to other health care paste products at all. With a spoonful of Camellia oleifera in the mouth, the salty and mellow fragrance of Qin people spread from the tip of the tongue, and do not disperse for a long time.

Scoop a spoonful of cereal into the Camellia oleifera, it is added to enrich the overall tasteu2014u2014

The soaking of Camellia oleifera makes oatmeal addictive. It also sets off the sour and sweet of yoghurt and dried fruit. Its a full score cereal partner. Yes!

Anyway, I guess your eyes must have learned.

You are welcome to try it yourself. You can also tell us how to eat DIY cereal

Because this issue is a special cereals show, we have prepared several DeFuxiang yogurt and fruit cereal and DeFuxiang oil tea as welfare. Thank you for your feeding and contracting our sweet and warm breakfast this week.

Dont look down on Camellia oleifera. As a seasonal snack in autumn and winter, it has high nutritional value as well as satisfying appetite. It is also a mellow and delicious food. It is a good tonic for both eating and sending people.

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