Credit card players rush to fly with their hearts

 Credit card players rush to fly with their hearts

Their monthly income twenty or thirty thousand is normal. Players at the level of great gods collect 100000 yuan a month..

01 heart to heart

On September 28, HNA Group launched xinxinfei, which costs 4999 yuan. The first batch of 30000 sets of xinxinfei was sold out in a few minutes.

Netizens joked, grab the heart to fly is to fight hand speed..

Xinxinfei this product is really popular, will it be so popular? In fact, a large part of xinxinfei has been taken away by us. Yu Jun, a senior member of the wool party, revealed the mystery.

He set up a xinfeifei wool group, which has dozens of users like him - all of whom have bought xinfeifei from more than one airline. They are not travel professionals or business people who need to fly a lot. They are mostly credit card players or senior wool party. Their purpose of buying Xinfei is to collect delay insurance.

In the past, there has always been a group for collecting delay insurance. They specially select flights with low punctuality, and then buy multiple sets of delay insurance to wait for flight delays. In the past, the flights of some small airlines often became the hardest hit areas. The punctuality rate of some flights is only more than 20%. These are the flights we often start. The delay insurance of a flight can compensate thousands of yuan. Yu said.

The punctuality rate of a regional airlines flights is only more than 20%. But the risk of the Maoists is not small, because every time they buy air tickets, they have to spend real money. Yu Jun called it a gambling game to collect delay insurance, which means gambling with insurance companies. If you win, you earn delay risk; if you lose, you lose your ticket. Some inexperienced Maoists often lose money by gambling.

02 delay insurance

Yu Jun checks the national flights through various apps, specially selects the cities with low punctuality rate, and exchanges the air ticket with heart.. This is different from the logic of the pure delay insurance. In the past, they would focus on the flights of small airlines. But now they can only switch to designated airlines, so they are starting to focus on the city.

According to the data released by flight standards, the punctuality rate of many cities is about 60%. As long as the punctuality rate of the city is below 50%, we will have more than half of the winning rate. Yu said.

For example, Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport near Jiuzhaigou, referred to as Jiuhuang airport for short, is nicknamed ten flights and nine yellows in the industry. At one point, it was targeted by the delay insurance team. Of course, there are some objective reasons. Jiuzhaigous weather environment is complex, and sometimes flights are forced to delay. The on time rate of Jiuhuang airport in recent 30 days is 72.5%.

The second step is to find suitable delay insurance products.

Now the core player who provides delay insurance is actually credit card. Many banks add delay insurance to their credit card rights and interests. Most credit cards pay between 200 and 600 yuan, but for some high-end credit cards, the compensation for delay insurance is extremely high. For example, Minsheng Banks luxury white, infinite, diamond, Centurion platinum black gold and other credit cards, as long as the delay of 2 hours, the fixed compensation of 1000, if more than 4 hours, the amount reached 2000.

And Ping An Banks strength is greater, standard white credit card, as long as delay 2 hours, can compensate 2000.

A lot of the wool party who collects delay insurance has a lot of credit cards for delay insurance. I have 20 credit cards in my hand

Everbright Bank, can do 5 with delay insurance credit card Yu said.

But the annual fee of this card is as high as 1800 yuan. If the annual fee is deducted by points, 200000 points will be needed. This means that he has to spend 200000 yuan a year to avoid the annual fee.

Therefore, some Maoists will cooperate with credit cards jointly launched by some financial technology platforms. The application threshold of these credit cards is relatively low. Zou Kai, another senior player, ran some Xiaomi co branded credit cards.

In addition to credit cards, there are many platforms that can purchase delay insurance separately. The cost of more than ten yuan is 600 yuan, which is very fragrant. Zou Kai said. Usually, they play with the delay insurance rights of multiple credit cards and some retail delay risks. It goes with each other, and there are a lot of tricks.

Some banks stipulate that they must use credit cards to purchase xinxinfeifei, so as to compensate for flight delay, such as Minsheng Bank. Some banks stipulate that if you buy a ticket with a credit card, you can pay for it. But since xinxinfei doesnt need to buy a ticket, what should I do? You just need to pay the tax on the ticket with your credit card, and you can pay it. Yu said.

Of course, they like some of the banks credit card, as long as I fly to pay. A set of reasonable delay insurance collocation is the key to success.

After choosing the flight and matching the delay insurance, what they need to do next is to take the plane day and night. I basically take one flight a day. Yu said. And Zou Kais situation is basically similar, one to two days to take a flight.

We have to go to the plane and get the boarding pass. After the plane is delayed, we call the insurance company one by one and apply for delay insurance. But if you dont go to the plane, you may be identified as cheating on insurance, Yu said.

In order to cope with this kind of life, I have to travel to and from the airport every day. Sometimes, in order to save time and cost, he even ate and lived in the airport, there is a big sleeping bag in the box. Some airport staff have even known him, why do you always travel? Zou Kai, who applies for compensation for delay insurance every day, has been familiar with the claim settlement personnel of major insurance companies.

Have you reported once again? Zou Kai is familiar with the situation. At present, the claim settlement process of insurance companies has been basically electronic. For example, many delay insurance companies do not need to send travel tickets, but only need to upload boarding pass photos and order screenshots. Therefore, the wool party can apply for multiple delay insurance claims at the same time.

How much money can such a flight make? Zou Kais flight in September was delayed for six hours, and he applied for compensation of 8000 yuan in total.

A Maoist party also received two payments of 4000 yuan for the cancellation of the flight.

For a delayed flight, getting more than 2000 compensation is the basic quality of our industry. Yu Jun said that he took more than 20 flights a month, about 10 flights were delayed, and the monthly income was about 30000..

Yu Jun thinks that he is not a top player yet. In our circle, we still have 100000 people to collect in one month.. The price of an xinxinfei is below 5000, and the basic one is returned to the original.

How big is this wool Party group? Yu Jun said that at the beginning, this was only a small-scale spread, mainly the people collecting delay insurance. But after xinxinfei appeared, more and more people have found this loophole, and a new group has been formed.. Zou Kai even began to accept apprentices publicly. After paying thousands of tuition fees, he could follow him, he has brought four apprentices.

But Yu is worried that if this group expands too fast, it will be watched by insurance companies, credit cards and airlines, and it will be more and more difficult to follow.

04 fraud insurance?

The bank has noticed.

Insurance companies have noticed. Prior to this, Nanjing police arrested a woman who made profit from delay insurance. Since 2015, Li has obtained 900 times of aircraft delay compensation through weather forecast and other methods, totaling more than 3 million yuan. Some netizens questioned that Lis behavior was not illegal, but the police said that Li used the identity information of relatives and friends to buy tickets and was suspected of forging delay certificates, which constituted a fraud.

Therefore, Yu Juns play is very cautious. They buy their own air tickets, take their own planes, and apply for compensation themselves. Isnt insurance just gambling? They take our money if they win and lift the table if they lose? There is no such reason. Zou Kai believes that his actions are not fraud, but reasonable use of loopholes.

This group is growing, so you find that it is more difficult to rob if you want to fly. Many of them are taken away by us. Yu said.

(the interviewees in this article are pseudonyms.)