U.S. stocks closed higher, Dow rose more than 100 points, ideal car up nearly 7percent

 U.S. stocks closed higher, Dow rose more than 100 points, ideal car up nearly 7percent

Specifically, in the U.S. stock market trading on Tuesday, most of the leading tech stocks rose, with Apples share price rising by 1.32% to $117.51; Googles parent company, alphabet, up 1.39% to $1555.93; Amazon to $3217.01, up 0.31%; Microsoft to $214.65, up 0.20%; Facebook to $267.56, up 2.36%; Oracle, up 0.0% to $59.75 22%; IBM closed at $117.37, down 6.49%; Netflix closed at $525.42, down 1.00%; Tesla closed at $421.94, down 2.06%; twitter rose 1.16%, Uber rose 6.11%; LYFT rose 2.03%.

Among the leading chip stocks in the U.S., TSMC rose 0.80% to US $88.26, NVIDIA rose 1.09% to US $545.82, Intel fell 2.11% to US $53.43, ASMC fell 0.09% to 384.96, Broadcom rose 0.32% to US $376.99, Gaotong fell 0.09% to US $128.30, Texas Instruments rose 0.05% to US $150.83 and AMD closed at 8 56, down 0.54%; Applied Materials Inc. rose 0.34%; micron technology rose 1.71%.

The main Chinese stocks listed in the United States generally rose, with Netease closing at US $88.37, up 1.17%; Alibaba closing at US $309.81, up 1.48%; Jingdong closing at US $82.57, up 2.43%; Baidu closing at US $130.08, up 0.64%; pinduoduo closing at US $89.07, up 5.85%; bilibilibili, up 2.82%; tal, closing at US $80.32, up 2.55%; Iqiyi closed at US $22.51, down 0.04%; learning from others closed at US $102.94, up 2.19%; Weibo closed at US $38.68, up 0.99%; Sina fell 0.02%; Sohu rose 1.97%; Sogou rose 0.00%; Ctrip fell 0.36%; 51job fell 0.92%; car home fell 0.08%; Weilai rose 1.19%; Jinshan cloud fell 0.90%, ideal car rose 6.83%.

IBM reported higher than expected third quarter revenue on Monday, mainly boosted by rising demand for cloud services. But the companys share price fell nearly 7% as the company did not release its current quarter performance forecast due to the epidemic.

The current headlines are essentially short-term, he said. In the end, they will come together to generate more stimulus for the economy, because all industries that are lagging behind in growth need stimulus.

Yesterday, the uncertainty surrounding the new coronavirus rescue plan put pressure on major U.S. stock indexes. Analysts expect market turmoil to intensify with just two weeks to go before the US election. (Liu Chun)

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