Beauty Racer died in a car accident! They love speed and passion, but they are remembered for their beauty and death

 Beauty Racer died in a car accident! They love speed and passion, but they are remembered for their beauty and death

How many kinds of women are there? They are gentle and virtuous, intelligent and beautiful, strong and brave. There are some, blood with wind, for the pursuit of speed.

A few days ago, a sad news appeared in foreign racing circles. The 21-year-old Spanish Female navigator Laura Cervo died in a car accident during the race.

According to foreign media reports, while participating in the first stage of the vidrello rally in Portugal, the car driven by her partner deviated from the track, hit another car, and then hit a pine tree.

Despite the rapid arrival of medical staff and rescue, but failed to save her young life.

The FIA announced the unexpected death of Laura.

Lauras social media account is private and visible. Its obvious that there are a lot of outstanding achievements in her 21-year-old online, but there are still a lot of outstanding achievements in the network.

Laura can find only a few photos, can be seen is a lively and beautiful girl, thick protective helmet also did not block her smile.

In one of the photos, she seems to have just got out of the car, one hand on the door, a racing suit tied around her waist, and her side face, wearing a black mask, is elegant and calm. In the media reports, this photo is next to the car after the accident.

Outside the media.

The day after Laura died in the accident, it was the seventh anniversary of the death of former F1 female test driver verota. Compared with Laura, verotas experience after the accident, I dont know whether its luck or misfortune.

In July 2012, verota encountered a serious accident while participating in the linear aerodynamic test. After a month of surgery, although her skull injury was cured, she was unfortunately blind in her right eye.

In October of the following year, verota died of cardiac arrest. According to subsequent reports, verotas family revealed that a major cause of her sudden death was the serious car accident. In addition to blindness in the right eye, verota has impaired nervous system, loss of taste and smell, and has been plagued by intracranial pressure problems for a long time.

Many fans remember the appearance of her public appearance after the verotta accident, her left eye shining and her right eye covered by the eye mask. Such a contrast is like the fate of many women racing drivers who are often noticed for their beauty and are sorry for accidents and deaths.

A screenshot of verotas social media.

The inborn physical differences between men and women make women have to overcome more difficulties when they participate in racing. Although there are special female events, there are also many female drivers who want to compete with male drivers.

Fans familiar with F1 will find that many drivers have thicker necks than ordinary people. Because the neck may need to bear a huge centrifugal force that ordinary people cant imagine when a car is cornering. When braking in an emergency, the neck will bear even greater inertia. Therefore, drivers usually have special training for their necks.

Although the specific conditions of different racing events are different, the requirements for physical fitness can be seen. To pursue the ultimate speed, we must bear the ultimate test. Even so, there are some female drivers who are active on the track through their own efforts.

In 2018, Sophia Flossie, a young German driver, suffered a serious accident in the F3 race in Macao. Her car lost control, crashed into the hurdle and crashed into the camera station.

From the pictures at the scene of the accident, the car was seriously damaged and the situation was very dangerous at that time. After the accident, she fractured her spine and underwent surgery for up to 17 hours.

The scene of the Flossie accident. Photo by Mai shangmin, a reporter from China News Agency

But Flossie did not retreat. After a difficult rehabilitation, she returned to the field only 147 days later, and even participated in the F3 competition in Macao in 2019.

In February, Flossie won Lawrences best comeback award, and this season she continues to play in F3. Such courage is beyond the existence of gender on the racetrack.

In the Internet age, when the two keywords racing car and women appear at the same time, many people think of sexy and beautiful card girls, or the so-called female drivers with heavy makeup.

Even if it is a female driver who really enters the race with her strength, people often care about nothing more than her efforts behind her back.

Photo: a womens rally held in Kiev, Ukraine. The competition attracted more than 40 players. The picture shows the female drivers expression stand by. Photo by Shi Tianhao, a reporter from China News Agency

Objectively speaking, the overall level of female drivers in most of the racing events is far inferior to that of men, but there are many girls like Flossie who are working hard to narrow the gap. They should not be given extra preferential treatment because of their gender, nor should they be labeled meaninglessly because of their gender.

At the end of the movie, Alex, played by Liu Yuling, doesnt have to disguise herself in front of her boyfriend. And 19 years later, the new film of the same name has a new face to replace their roles.

The charm of classics is to make people constantly aftertaste and give people space for reverie. Like those characters who will not appear in front of the world again, those who have left must continue to shine somewhere.

There is also a line in the new film: each of us, men and women, want to display our talents. To live as I please is the world I want.

May all the withered flowers on the track be remembered, not because of their gender or beauty, but because of their courage to pursue speed here.

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of chinanews.com_ NB12651