Apple announced the price of iPhone 12 screen replacement, netizens called: cant afford it!

 Apple announced the price of iPhone 12 screen replacement, netizens called: cant afford it!

It is understood that this years four iPhone 12 series mobile phones will use OLED material screens. The whole machine including the screen and its accessories enjoy a one-year warranty period from the date of original purchase. However, if the phone is damaged due to improper use or other force majeure factors, it is not covered by the warranty, and the user should bear the cost.

Apple has announced the price of screen maintenance for both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro, which are 2149 yuan, the same price as the iPhone 11 pro. However, the repair price of the iPhone 12 is nearly 1000 yuan higher than that of the iPhone 11. Repair prices for 12promax and 12mini have not been announced.

This years 64GB price of the iPhone 12 is 6299 yuan. However, the price of screen replacement of the iPhone 12 series has basically accounted for a third of the price of the mobile phone. Many netizens directly called out: broken can not afford!

However, this maintenance price also highlights the value of AppleCare +. AppleCare + can further extend the warranty period and trade in at half price after 10 months. The hardware maintenance scope of AppleCare + service is mainly iPhone and battery. There are two accidental damage warranty services every 12 months: 188 yuan for screen damage and 628 yuan for any other damage.

The price of AppleCare + service of iphone12 and iphone12mini is 1398 yuan, while that of iphone12pro and iphone12promax is 1798 yuan.

Overall, the new basic iPhone is slightly more expensive to repair. But just as apple said earlier, the new ceramic hardened display used in the iPhone 12 series is stronger than the glass used in any smartphone and is four times more resistant to falls. Hopefully, as they say, the iPhone 12 seriess screens will be more robust.

Source: techweb editor: Liu Fei_ NBJS10390