The beauty of the club and the life of the villager

 The beauty of the club and the life of the villager

And the tiktok voice of the tiktok is five digit.

It can be seen that as long as the younger sister can keep up with the trend, there is always a new way to make money. My friend in Shanghai also said that a little girl she knew bought 300000 bitcoin five years ago and made 20 million yuan. She took a job as a receptionist in a big company in Shanghai and drove a BMW to work. She said that the money was given by her family.

She started to fall in love and lead a serious life. The boss thought she was beautiful and a decent girl. Every time she took her out to drink, she would tell her friends that she was not that kind of girl, so we should not drink.

So, what do you do next when you are young? Rich, such as stocks, gambling, bitcoin. When the net is popular, if it is good-looking, it is not surprising when the opportunity comes. In business. When the procuress, mummy. Save a sum of money to go back home and get married. Its all possible.

In fact, to be honest, it seems that Miss sitter is not as miserable as the mainstream values advocate. The last time was just a return to normal life. What kind of life is not life? How dare you say her life was not her own choice?

Besides, do you think its serious to sell your body or your soul?

Choose what you can bear and what you care about more.

However, I still believe that people should be serious and responsible for what they love and do their best. Whether selling the body or soul, or selling the intelligence, we are all just exchanging. The body, intelligence and soul are just resources. People just want to live a little better.

Whats so delicious about this? I think my three outlooks, especially my values, have begun to rebuild. Or should I say, I began to learn to feel the pulse of this absurd society.

What is the meaning of being alive? A friend summed it up in four words: wise, easy to die. What do you mean? That is to say, people live in this world, understand some wisdom, and finally let themselves die with dignity.

So concentrate on making money and dont think too much about it.

Since ancient times, Chinese people have an eternal chain of hope. Hope for a blue sky at the top, an imperial envoy in the middle, and a great Xia at the bottom. However, this is a kind of social system is not perfect and leads to morbid psychology.

Zhang Kou Kou is undoubtedly a sad story. Many people must have read the news reports. If you dont see it, please search by yourself: Hanzhong Nanzheng 2.15 Xinji homicide case, Zhang Kou Kou and other keywords.

Please give priority to the official statement. Here, the story will not be told much.

I just want to say some of my views on this matter: first of all, this is an illegal event, killing and breaking the law. Its unnecessary to say more. Many of the domestic we media praise Zhang Kuos behavior, saying that he is a contemporary chivalrous spirit. This is a very irresponsible statement and a very inappropriate way of speech.

Zhangs case is a tragedy. This is a result that no one can predict. At the moment, I just want to know the story behind the incident and the realistic problems that the family will face in the future

You know, for example, Im curious about how Zhang Kou has been in the past 22 years? After his accident, what will his father do in the future? When a man is old, who will take care of him? What about his relatives (sisters and so on)? Maybe the local environment is more complex than the outside world? What about the families of the dead? Will we continue to retaliate?

If the story never happened, 22 years ago, Zhang Kuos mother did not die, how good? Are we really qualified to comment on this incident? What information has been obscured from 22 years ago to today? Did Zhang Kou seek the help of his friends before he killed him? Does he have any friends?

How many victims were there in the whole incident? I believe that when you list the above problems clearly with a piece of white paper, you will understand what tragedy is. Except for choking, all of them are almost aphasia. There is no such tragedy in the world. There is no one kind of writing, can restore the case.

Therefore, we should be aware that there is a cost behind any behavior when we are born. And when you break through the law to fulfill your own will, something is doomed to lose, it will really be lost.

And I also want you to understand: in an era of more and more sound laws, homomorphic revenge itself is a crime, and chivalrous spirit is not desirable. Every tragedy should promote the rule of law.

Only by keeping the bottom line of the rule of law can tragedies be reduced.

Therefore, we should be more timid in dealing with incompetence. When we meet people who feel powerless, whether they are relatives, family members or friends, who can provide psychological guidance and assistance, we should try our best to enlighten them. If we are not able to enlighten, we must recommend more professional and authoritative institutions to help them. Ignoring those around us is likely to cause us never to The tragedy of presupposition.

Violence, especially uncontrollable violence, the biggest victims must not be the minority, but the public. Justice can be expected, but never justice brought about by violence.

This is my opinion on the Zhang buckle incident.

3. The story of village bully

People say that its not too late for a gentleman to take revenge. In fact, its the same for villains. They even gamble that breath with their whole life.

When Jianguo was a child, the family was poor and four brothers were born next to each other. If the mother was not sick and could not be reborn, we had to set up a team of gourd brothers for their family.

Jianguo was the third in his family. When he was young, his brothers went to different places. The eldest brother stayed in the countryside and became a farmer. The second year went to study and became a teacher. The fourth year went to Xinjiang to become a volunteer army.

After graduating from high school, the third year was also a farmer at home at first, but this guy was smart and flexible. He started as a small worker in the construction team and worked hard all the way. In 15 years, he became a famous local construction contractor. In that year, he won the glory of County youth entrepreneurship pacesetter, top 10 outstanding young people, and deputy to the National Peoples Congress.

We dont pay attention to his marriage. At that time, Jianguo was at the age of marrying a daughter-in-law. It was precisely because his family was poor that the matchmaker said a lot about his daughter-in-law, but none of the girls was willing to marry him. He was a big man with a good appearance and worked hard on construction sites all year round. His body was strong and his chest muscles were attractive. Its a pity that my family is too poor to marry a daughter-in-law.

Finally, Jianguo looked at a girl and thought that she would live a good life after marrying another girl. But who would have thought that the matchmaker was too tricky. One girl and two said that the girl finally chose another well-off family in the same village and married herself. The spirit of founding a nation! In the middle of the night, the matchmakers pigsty was dismantled, and two pigs ready to be put into the market were released.

Since then, Jianguo refused to make a blind date again. He devoted himself to the construction team and made a lot of money within a few years. If the man was so ambitious, there was nothing he could not do.

Jianguo also gambled on the tone of that year and made himself. People thought the story would end here. Youre wrong. This is just the beginning.

Jianguo also married a daughter-in-law. Like his father, he also had four children. The only difference was that he had four girls and had no sons. No one inherits such a large family property. Life is not perfect, the pit is here.

Perhaps it was because of the absence of a son, Jianguos psychology was out of balance, and his resentment was cast on his daughter-in-law. Whats more, the girl who didnt choose him to marry the same village had three sons in a row. Now Jianguo is even more unbalanced. He attributed his lack of son to the woman who didnt choose him.

In this way, Jianguo began his revenge plan.

In order to give her three sons a place to live in the future, the woman specially applied to the village for a house to build a house. Although they are also a small and comfortable family, the burden of the three sons is not light. The family has built a four storey building with all their possessions.

But who would have thought that Jianguo would go to the land next to the woman through the relationship in the village. Jianguo was rich and willful, and built a 7-storey luxury villa in the west, which was the limit of storey height that could be built in the countryside.

And extremely luxurious decoration.

There is a saying in the countryside: high in the East is not high, high pressure in the west is bad waist. It was intentional. That is to avenge the woman who did not choose him and thought he was poor. Men are like this, can not get the total concern. Jianguo in the momentum of overwhelming each other, began to move his mind on this woman.

Perhaps it is because of the misunderstanding in those years. Since the woman married the man who drove an ambulance in the hospital, she did not seem to get the happiness she expected.

In the face of Jianguos strong interpersonal relationship and huge wealth, the woman bowed her head. Through the relationship, Jianguo transferred her husband to a remote mountain area to drive, and could only go home once in a few months. And the treatment has been raised. Then the woman gave birth to an illegitimate son, yes, a son for Jianguo.

Jianguo took the woman to his home and raised it. Nothing else, just the only son. He doesnt care what the villagers think of him. If anyone dares to mention it in front of him, he will have his leg removed.

Its supposed to be the end of the story here, but its not. Lets extend the time by another span.

Twenty years later, the womans three sons were all grown up. One became a county magistrate, one became a professor, and the other became a well-known local gangster, also known as a bully in the village.

The story behind is even more lively. The village tyrant used the rules of the game to lay a knife to the founding of the peoples Republic of China, and gave it a fatal blow. In an instant, it disintegrated the industry that Jianguo had been working hard for a lifetime and replaced it successfully. We will step on the land under our feet. And the design killed his half brother and cut off the road to the founding of the peoples Republic of China.

Of course, if you say that there is no help from his brother who is the county magistrate and Professor, who can believe him!

Jianguo was so angry that he could not close his eyes when he died. Do you think he deserves it or does he deserve it?


After three stories, I dont know how you feel? Perhaps, what kind of life is not life?

If you make a choice in your life, be prepared to take all the consequences. Because its your choice! Most of the endings in a life story come from your choices. You will have what kind of life you choose.

Life is not a game. We dont have many choices. Since the choice, perhaps there is no regret at all.

Life is so short, in the long winter there is an end, all roosters do not crow, the sky will be bright