Inflow of more than 40 billion yuan, the scale of securities ETF surged

 Inflow of more than 40 billion yuan, the scale of securities ETF surged

Since October, Cathay Pacific Securities ETF has obtained 1.648 billion net subscriptions, and Huabao securities company ETF has obtained 671 million net subscriptions, ranking the top two shares of all stock ETFs.

In the view of industry insiders, the performance of the securities sector is highly correlated with market activity. The recent large-scale purchase of securities ETFs shows that investors are optimistic about the future market transaction.

It is worth noting that ETF trading of securities companies is also quite active recently. For example, on October 19, the latest single day financing purchase amount of Huabao securities company ETF reached 126 million yuan, and the latest financing balance on that day exceeded 2.231 billion yuan, which has reached a new high since its listing for seven consecutive trading days.

From the performance of the securities sector, every upward breakthrough of the market is the first breakthrough of the securities companies. For example, from July 1 to July 14, the Shanghai stock index rose rapidly by 14.41%, and the Shenwan securities index rose by 34.42%. Recently, the market is more volatile, securities plate is also in the adjustment.

For the next investment opportunities in the securities sector, Cathay Pacific Fund analysis believes that the regulatory authorities have greater policy support for the entire securities industry. Under the expectation of the full implementation of the registration system, the investment banking business of securities companies is likely to usher in great development and form the concept of big investment bank. In addition, with the increase in the number of listed companies, not only IPO, but also subsequent refinancing, equity pledge and other businesses are expected to usher in greater development, comprehensively helping the securities industry to become bigger and stronger.

At present, a total of 7 securities companies have issued profit forecasts for the first three quarters. Affected by the market recovery in the third quarter, most of the securities companies that announced the forecast achieved a substantial increase in net profit. Wang Yifeng, an analyst with Everbright Securities, believes that with the deepening reform of the capital market, securities companies will be the first to benefit. Under the guidance of promoting the construction of aircraft carrier level securities companies, the Matthew effect of securities companies will be more significant, and leading securities companies will benefit significantly.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NBJ9607