How boring is the life of the rich?

 How boring is the life of the rich?

Jess Shanghai New Media:

Alone There will be a little bit of it.

After working overtime late at night, I take a taxi home alone; I can only digest my negative emotions in silence; when it snows, I can only enjoy it by myself Every time I come to this kind of time, I cant help feeling that there is a person missing from me.

When my parents came to Shanghai to see me on November 11, they thought they would not be used to it, but they were very happy.

On the night after seeing them off, I thought it was finally possible to wave, but I was not interested in anything. I went to bed at eight oclock.

At that time, I really felt that a persons room was very empty.

For a moment.

I once read a story about how I would wash dishes with shaving foam when I ran out of detergent that day. At that time, I suddenly felt that it would be nice to have a girlfriend. Its not because you dont have to wash dishes because you have a girlfriend, but because you want to share with her mysteriously after washing dishes: Hey! Guess what I just washed with?

Ive had a lot of wanting to have someone around in my life.

When you cook too much, when you cant finish eating, when you try new dishes, when you are complacent, when you eat a very delicious shop

Youd think, Oh, if only someone could share it.

Cindy Shenzhen Internet:

Not very lonely.

I didnt plan to get married in Shenzhen. I started to set up a small apartment three years ago, and it was settled down.

In my opinion, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are very suitable cities for living alone - life is convenient enough, the city is safe enough, and there are takeout, Didi, apartments, moving companies I can live a comfortable life on my own.

As for the indifference criticized by others, in my opinion, it does not mean that no one cares, but is free to establish ones own network. After all, making friends with people you like and those who have common interests is more important than making friends with neighbors and colleagues who are arranged by fate.

Dr. Tsien Beijing is studying:

Strictly speaking, its not people who are lonely in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but people.

Because whether in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or hometown, there are always people who are busy and lonely. I often feel lonely, because scientific research is a lonely road, and it has nothing to do with beishangguang or not.

When there is a bottleneck in the experiment, I will go to Yuanmingyuan to watch the sunrise and Jingshan to watch the sunset. A person, indifferent to watch College Road and Jingshan back street traffic, temporarily from the academic and interpersonal.

Maybe its called loneliness, but I enjoy it.

Todd Guangzhou Design:

I may be a bit of a social phobic So I still like the alienated interpersonal relationship in big cities.

Walking on the street, you dont have to worry about meeting acquaintances. You can order takeout without making a phone call. Simple thank you and sorry can cover 99% of face-to-face social contact

Its really comfortable.

Whats more difficult is that the double ten one is coming soon, and there are various teams, games and competitions Its really numbing to think about it.

The pressure is so great that you have to hold the cat and suck it hard.

These things are very different from those in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. If there is any activity, no need to forward, just one person can play.

Do tasks, AR scan, QR code unlock, cute cat jump, Didi travel page to find a cat can get a cat! Not only relying on sharing and forwarding, one person can complete the collection of cats and cats, and divide 10.1 billion!

Set up a cat tour!