Weilai plans to develop its own chip! Li Bin is actively promoting the establishment of an independent team

 Weilai plans to develop its own chip! Li Bin is actively promoting the establishment of an independent team

For the news, Weilai automobile core high-level to 36 krypton said: temporarily inconvenient evaluation.

People familiar with the matter told 36 krypton that due to the large investment, this project should be put in the next years budget, and the annual budget meeting of Weilai will be held at the end of the year. With Li Bins current reputation, the project (self-developed chip) will not be too difficult to finalize. The person analyzed to 36 krypton. From 2019 to 2020, under the leadership of Li Bin, Weilai has experienced a comeback from the dead. Its share price has soared from approaching the red line of US $1 to about US $28. Its market value has leapt to the second largest auto company in China, second only to BYD.

Intelligent electric vehicle company is regarding the intelligent technology of automobile as the core competitiveness. Tesla has realized vertical integration through independent research and development in terms of software and hardware of intelligent driving and cockpit, thus achieving rapid iteration of vehicle Ota. In 2019, Teslas self-developed autopilot chip will also be put into mass production, with a computing power of 144tops, nearly five times that of NVIDIA Xavier, making Tesla autopilot lead the industry again in terms of technology and cost control.

Tesla has come out. Just copy your homework. A new car technology executive told 36 krypton.

Weilai, ideal automobile and Xiaopeng automobile and other head camp companies have followed Teslas lead in independent research and development of cockpit and intelligent driving. In 2017, Xiaopeng automobile has set up a domestic and foreign research and development team. In addition to the perception of intelligent driving, Weilai adopts Mobileye scheme, and also conducts self-study on planning and control algorithm. After IPO, ideal automobile also urgently recruited a team to invest in the independent research and development of intelligent driving. Wang Kai, the companys new CTO, made it clear that perception must be self-developed, and the automatic driving team will recruit more than 200 people.

However, for the chip, which needs a lot of resources and capital investment, the attitude of each company is not clear. Wang Kai, CTO of ideal automobile, once said implicitly that the chip should wait for the software algorithm to understand before doing it. The company will not develop its own chip at the 1-10 stage. Xiaopeng automobile, which is famous for its self research investment, has also said that it has no plans to develop its own chips.

At present, both ideal and Xiaopeng have locked in the new generation of NVIDIA chip Orin, with a computing power of 200tops and a power consumption of 45W. Wang Kai, CTO of ideal automobile, once said that NVIDIA has a mature tool chain, which can help auto companies quickly establish self-developed algorithms.

But there is no conflict between using third-party computing chip and self-developed. Tesla is the first person in the auto driving enterprise to develop self driving chip. At the beginning of 2016, former amd chief architect Jim Keller joined Tesla as vice president of autopilot. Subsequently, Jim Kellers good friend Peter Bannon also chose to join in. Teslas self-developed chip project was officially launched. By April 2019, it was officially launched on mass production vehicles. In this process, Teslas autopilot chips have adopted Mobileyes eyeq3, NVIDIA drivepx2 and other products one after another, until its own self-developed chip achievements were implemented.

Weilai automobile, led by Li Bin, has always been pursuing the leading technology and application. On the first generation platform, it has achieved the first launch of mobileeyeyeq4 chip, and has imitated Teslas configuration of three camera perception scheme. In the near future, Tesla will be able to realize automatic operation of vehicles on ramps due to the introduction of redundant functions such as NOP.

In addition to the introduction of talents, Li Bin also took the business focus of ADAS and digital gateway from the R & D division of North America to China. The problem of network disconnection that bothered users of Weilai for more than two years was also solved under the strong promotion of Li Bin.

Li Bin invested most in ADAS business. Many Weilai people described to 36 krypton that Weilais ADAS business is now like a mysterious independent department. In the internal business collaboration meeting, the ADAS team hardly participates, while Li Bin often participates in the ADAS department meetings.

In addition to sorting out the personnel and architecture of mass production projects, Weilais pre research projects also include central computing platform, real-time operating system, etc. From the perspective of overall architecture development and layout, self-developed chips are also reasonable. Weilai R & D personnel to 36 krypton evaluation, and now the core car gauge chip in the hands of overseas companies, domestic substitution will be a trend.

Weilai has regained its capital ammunition after a difficult period in 2019. Can Li Bin control the pace of this expansion better?

Source: 36 krypton editor: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279