Its all caused by pledge! The company is breaking heart for old love and new love

 Its all caused by pledge! The company is breaking heart for old love and new love

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Zhonglai shares announced that it is expected that the total equity proportion involved in the transfer will not exceed 5.7% of the companys total share capital, and related matters of non-public issuance of shares and voting rights entrustment, which will lead to changes in the companys controlling shareholders and actual controllers. The trading partner is an investment platform with state-owned assets background, which involves the prior approval of the competent department.

According to the application, the trading of the companys shares will be suspended from the opening of the market on October 20, and the suspension time is expected to be no more than five trading days.

As a matter of fact, the actual controller of CLC has repeatedly sought to transfer the control right this year.

In August this year, Lin Jianwei, Zhang Yuzheng and Hangguo Co., Ltd. signed the framework agreement on the transfer of control right of China Laiwu shares, and signed the share transfer agreement and the voting power entrustment agreement on the same day.

According to the above agreement, Lin Jianwei and Zhang Yuzheng plan to transfer 9.5830% of Zhonglai shares they hold to Hangguo Co., Ltd., with the transfer price of 9.9 yuan per share, and the total amount of share transfer is about 738 million yuan. At the same time, both parties agreed that from the date of the first share transfer registration, Lin Jianwei and Zhang Yuzheng will irrevocably and fully entrust the voting rights, nomination and proposal rights of 19.0859% of Zhonglai shares held by them to Hangguo shares.

In addition, according to the agreement, Zhang Yuzheng will no longer serve as the director and senior manager of Zhonglai shares. Within three trading days after Zhang Yuzhengs resignation, both parties signed the equity transfer agreement for the second time, and Lin Jianwei and Zhang Yuzheng transferred their 9.0859% shares of Zhonglai shares to Hangguo.

Zhonglai shares said that on the one hand, this move will ease the capital pressure of the companys controlling shareholders share pledge; on the other hand, Hangguo shares pays attention to the development of new energy industry, has mastered the core technology of solar thermal power generation and energy storage, and has positioned new energy as the future strategic development direction. This entry into the photovoltaic new energy industry is consistent with the companys future development strategic direction, and both sides will have Effectively integrate their respective advantages to form a coordinated development.

According to the latest announcement, the board of directors, management and controlling shareholders of Hangzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. have fully demonstrated the restructuring and the operation process of capital market in the future, and believe that the relevant conditions for further promoting the restructuring are not mature at this stage. Both parties decided to terminate the transaction and signed the termination agreement of control transfer framework agreement, share transfer agreement and voting power entrustment agreement on October 20.

In this regard, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern, requiring Hangguo to explain the specific reasons for the termination of the restructuring, the decision-making process, the examination and approval procedures that have been performed, the specific impact on the company, and the subsequent relevant plans of the company.

In addition, in June this year, Lin Jianwei and Zhang Yuzheng signed the framework agreement on share transfer and the agreement on entrustment of voting rights of shares with Guizhou Wujiang Energy Investment Co., Ltd., but the two sides finally terminated the relevant agreements due to failure to reach an agreement in August.