Pelosi said the stimulus agreement is close to completion, US stocks Anti Ballistic index rose 0.4percent

 Pelosi said the stimulus agreement is close to completion, US stocks Anti Ballistic index rose 0.4percent

All three major U.S. stock indexes rose on Tuesday as investors focused on the crucial stage of congressional stimulus bill negotiations. As of the close, the Dow rose 113.37 points, or 0.40%, to 28308.79, the NASDAQ rose 0.33% to 11516.49, and the S & P 500 index rose 0.47% to 3443.12.

In terms of stocks, P & Gs revenue in the third quarter increased by 8.4% to US $19.3 billion. The market expected US $18.34 billion, EPS 1.63 US $and the market expected US $1.42. P & G raised its annual common stock repurchase forecast from US $6-8 billion to US $7-9 billion.

Benefiting from the expected economic restart, the aviation, cruise and retail sectors strengthened, with American Airlines up 1.9%, United Airlines 1.6%, Royal Caribbean 3.5%, Carnival 3.3%, Coles department store up 6.6% and Nordstrom up 1.2%.

The overall performance of technology stocks was strong, with Facebook up 2.4%, Google up 1.4%, and the U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against the company, with apple up 0.4%, Amazon up 0.3% and Microsoft up 0.2%.

In terms of China capital stocks, pinduoduo rose 5.8%, Jingdong rose 2.4%, Alibaba rose 1.5%, new energy vehicle sector, Weilai automobile rose 1.2%, Xiaopeng automobile rose 1.5%, ideal automobile rose 6.8%.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Tuesday that Democrats and the White House are close to reaching an agreement. She played down the importance of the deadline set on Tuesday for reaching an agreement, suggesting that she hoped to complete the stimulus bill negotiations before the election. We want to put everything on the table and move on. She said.

According to reports, the two sides have narrowed the gap in the size of the aid plan. The White House is willing to increase the rescue fund to nearly $1.9 trillion, but this is still lower than the $2.2 trillion proposed by the Democratic Party in the house of Representatives earlier this month. Pelosis spokesman drew Hammill said both Pelosi and mnuchin were seriously seeking a compromise and the talks would continue on Wednesday.

Robert mcadie, chief cross asset strategist at the Bank of France and Pakistan, said that as the epidemic continues to affect the economy, further financial support will be necessary, because without new fiscal stimulus, the outside world will see a new wave of unemployment and the ensuing debt default, which will definitely put pressure on economic growth.

Growth of Netflix subscription customers slows down

In mid July this year, Netflix had predicted that net user growth in the third quarter would be only 2.5 million, which was far less than the 5 million forecast of Wall Street institutions at that time, resulting in the stock price falling by nearly 7% on that day.

The companys free cash flow rose to a record $1.145 billion in the third quarter, with $8.4 billion in cash on its balance sheet and a $750 million line of credit, the company said, adding that the need for external financing was decreasing. Naifei said more original programs will be launched for future customers. With the outbreak of a new round of epidemic, coupled with the sharp decline in the ratings of sports events and the incomplete recovery of cinema lines, the new users of Netflix are expected to return to 6 million in the fourth quarter.

As subscription demand slows, analysts believe Netflix may raise prices, noting that the company has recently taken steps to support its financial position. This month, Netflix suspended its 30 day free trial in the United States and raised its subscription price in Canada, with speculation that the United States will adjust its billing standards in the future.

The international gold price recorded two consecutive positive days. Comex gold contract rose 0.2% to US $1915.40 an ounce in December.