Take a shortcut to be cram school blood! The parents eyes were blazing, but the teacher said, its like on vacation

 Take a shortcut to be cram school blood! The parents eyes were blazing, but the teacher said, its like on vacation

A netizen wrote such a post: in the United States, the elite local tyrants almost dont play three big balls. When Duke won the National Basketball Championship, I happened to talk to a Yale student on the phone, and the other party was dismissive and heard the pride of Ivy League.

It seems that what kind of circle determines what kind of life principle, and the opportunity to go to a famous school with the help of minority sports seems to be both suitable for oneself and cost-effective. However, the reality is much more than ideal. Nowadays, parents of college entrance examination students in the United States are in an awkward predicament. In the fierce competition environment, it is not as easy as imagined to get ahead.

Ms. Sloan is a full-time mother from Fairfield County, Connecticut. Although she has a masters degree and is proficient in statistics, she can only focus on helping her three daughters stand out in the competitive youth sports world and be admitted to a famous school. Because she is proficient in statistics, Sloan knows that her daughters must be excellent athletes and excellent ones Students can get into the right school. Sloans second daughter, a 12-year-old saber, was stabbed in the jugular vein during the competition. The wound was next to the carotid artery. Before that, her leg was cut deep and blood was seeping from her crotch.

Why are the parents of these American sports candidates so persistent? The answer is simple. According to the Washington Post, the average admission rate of Harvard University is 5%, while that of athletes approved by coaches is as high as 88%. Parents see these numbers, its a bait for these parents, and they think thats the answer, sports are the answer, said Walton, founder of a recruitment advisory for high school rowers

But now the situation is not the same. First of all, the new crown epidemic has appeared, making all competitions cancelled. This epidemic has the most serious impact on high school students in 2021. Their favorite squash court is defined as the place of super transmission. In July this year, the Ivy League Conference officially cancelled autumn sports activities, and Stanford University canceled 11 school team events, which made an industry person sad If you lose the chance, the kids who should have gone to Yale now can only go to Georgetown, she said

However, it is not objective to let the epidemic carry the pot. In fact, the minority movement favored by the middle class had already exceeded the saturation point before the outbreak of the epidemic, and too many children were competing for too few positions. For example, parents spend a lot of money to find out that they have produced the 80th or 90th best center in the country, which makes you almost ineligible to be at the bottom of Bates Colleges list.

Look at this set of data. In the past five years, the number of American high school students participating in water polo competition has increased from 36000 to 45000. However, the number of college admissions has increased by 21 male students and 16 female students. The total enrollment of College water polo team has increased from 2252 to 2289. If there are about 9000 players from the national Squash Club of the United States, for example, if there are more than 9000 players from the national Squash Club of the United States, then if they have a lot of players from the high school of the United States, for example, the Water Polo Association of the United States has 10 players to fill in

Interestingly, before the outbreak, Saladin, a member of the University Water Polo Association, called out a new slogan to some small schools in the enrollment speech, just join the water polo! The reason why he called on these second and third rate schools to launch a minority movement was to earn a sum of tuition. Saladin did not hide his intention. For high tuition schools, increasing water polo can actually increase income, and students can pay for all four years tuition. In Saladins opinion, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation. Some students choose water polo to go to university, hoping that their parents will be open-minded. The mother of a water polo student also admits that no parents want their children to be in an academic school in the United States. However, when American universities start the hell mode for sports students, there is no way out.

Take indoor bag hockey as an example. In the past seven years, the program has ranked first in the number of new players. However, the number of students enrolled in this program has remained weak in high-ranking schools. A Greenwich parent bluntly says that indoor hockey bags are not only a shortcut to Ivy League schools, but are actually damaging their sons College prospects. He could have applied to New York University or Columbia University as a team captain and a student with excellent test scores, but these schools lack the indoor bag game. She and her husband felt cheated by their sons project director. Our son was turned down 16 times and we spent so much money. Similar tragic stories are not uncommon, said brammel, a coach at Darien high school, an indoor hockey school in the United States

The investigation called operation Varsity Blues has made the biggest college entrance cheating in the history of the United States come to the attention of the world. It bribes university sports coaches and forges sports certificates. The ultimate goal is to let children enter famous universities. Although more college entrance examination students in the U.S. are getting offers from rattan schools, in a changing world, parents who bet on minority sports are still increasingly uneasy. As Steve, a sports management professor at the University of Arkansas, says, not every school has the obligation to recruit squash and fencing players. In the overcapacity environment, the competition among sports students in the United States is fierce. Molhouse, a famous fencer in the United States, said: in minority sports, parents can quickly know who their children are competing with for university places. Parents try to compete behind the scenes, even slander other athletes.

Morehouse revealed that a fencing student received an offer from rattan school. Soon after, the enrollment Department of the university received a report letter accusing the player of being a bad person and falsifying the results of the competition. The players high school department contacted the university to refute the rumors. The feedback from the University was shocking, you have nothing to worry about. This kind of thing happens often. Now, Morehouse and other coaches advise fencers to keep their mouths shut, I tell my children to be careful and not to talk to anyone about your application, which may catch you.

There may be a few stumbling blocks behind your back, but if you want to go to rattan school, you cant do it without money. If you want to get an offer with squash, the family costs at least $400 a week for a 45 minute training session with a professional, while a player costs between $125 and $250 for a single entry, excluding airfare and hotel costs. In order to cultivate a squash player who can enter Ivy League, some families have made long-term business plans. The daughter and son of Jim Robinson, the former CEO of American Express, both play squash and employ two professional players as coaches. Among them, Pakistan player Kahan, who has been in the worlds top ten, said: the teaching process is like a paid vacation in a five-star hotel, but in March 2017, he flew The first time I took a private plane, I felt excited and wanted to listen to some music and drink something. However, half an hour after the plane took off, the staff took out a lot of documents according to the bosss instructions. It turned out that they paid someone to get the opponents information, which recorded whether the opponent was defensive or offensive? Are they healthy? Its normal to collect information for the game, but its unusual to collect such detailed information. Its crazy

Of course, money is not everything. When sports students just use sports as springboard, they have no interest in promoting. After putting on the label of Ivy League school, they are easy to lose themselves, and their body and mind are also on the red light. NCAA make complaints about the abuse of alcohol and drugs by the players in the US, which has become the way to decompress college athletes. The quality of the Tucao players in Harvard University squash coaches is in my summer camp, every year, the children are out of the competition because they lost to their last defeated opponent. In addition, the physical trainer of young athletes in Fairfield County expressed strong dissatisfaction with their parents, rowers have intervertebral disc herniation and excessive use of soft tissue, but their parents have crazy, sharp eyes and dont listen to me. The father of the child told me that if not, the university would not admit her.

In 1988, University of California sociologist Harry Edwards published an article, he wrote: it is tragic to overemphasize sports at the expense of school and family. Let tens of thousands of black youth pursue the sports goals, which are doomed to be impossible for the vast majority of people. We can no longer allow the most competitive and gifted young people to sacrifice their human potential in pursuit of their athletic ambitions.

Today, more than 30 years later, the story of overemphasizing sports is still staged in the United States. However, it is not an easy task to open the door of famous universities through the noble sports of the minority. American parents are also entitled to sigh that it is too difficult for me.

Source: Houchang village sports team Author: Jiang Feng, editor in charge: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573