Its enough to choose the one who likes you the most

 Its enough to choose the one who likes you the most

In fact, I can understand the indifference and indifference in the relationship between people. Some dont care because we are not familiar with each other, while some are because you dont deserve it. There is also a kind of because you like me, I wont give you face.

Today, I chatted with my friend. He asked me what I regretted most. I thought about it and said that I regret that I didnt wash my hair when I saw my favorite boy for the last time.

I didnt think it would take a long time.

Talking to a boy, he said.

Boys during the day.

When playing: brother, where are you.

Drink: brother, where are you.

Evening: where are you, daughter-in-law.

You dont have to be together if you like it, you can go to bed if you dont like it but you have a good feeling, you dont have to tear your face when you break up.

I think what others said is right.

Some games are still very sad to lose, this game is my best game.

Im not talking about games.

Friends said that I give people the feeling of love to play, very indifferent, but in fact, my heart is very easy to like a person, it is very easy to think about a lot, it is also easy to pay.

Then I thought about it. The reason why I like him most is that he is a good marriage style among boys. You know, he is a boy who doesnt smoke, drink, dance or make an appointment with a gun. Wow, it feels like a treasure. Later, he also drinks and tramps on me. But at first, I think he is different from others.

Therefore, I can understand that the king of heaven is attracted by PUA, and the more people play outside, the more easily they are attracted by pure.

Suit the medicine to the case. If you show that you dont care about this relationship, it doesnt seem that you dont lose money. On the contrary, when the boy leaves you, you wont have a little guilt.

Its not the tea art and barefoot girl who feels the most powerful in Bancang. Its not that she wears too little. Its because she looks at her photos. She feels that her eyes are looking at her sweetheart.

Urban emotion is, the other side said, I want to sleep with you, you say, lets be together. I didnt mean that.

If a boy blocks me in a friends public photo, I lose or he loses.

The boy who likes to ask you to go out to play in the daytime is OK. Which boy who wants to fall in love seriously will intoxicate you in the place of sound and color as soon as he comes up?

Dont reply is already a kind of reply. Dont take a picture or ask why.