Ali put the sale on double 11! The maximum discount for a single suite is 1 million

 Ali put the sale on double 11! The maximum discount for a single suite is 1 million

However, outside the garage hot spot, the new institutional change of Shuangjie stick was the most frequently asked about by Jiang Fan and Jialuo: this year, tmall double 11 set up two waves of sales for the first time, the first wave was from November 1 to November 3, and the second wave was from November 11 to November 11. Compared with previous years, this years double 11 is more than three days.

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Is change sudden?

In fact, this year, Ali conducted a business survey, and the results show that more than 90% of the businesses hope to sell two waves.

Jiang Fan said, we are fully prepared for this change.

About three months ago, we started to communicate with the merchants. In August, we communicated with the merchants on this new rhythm. From the merchants to the logistics express companies, to the ecology of the whole industry chain, all the roles have made preparations for this matter for two or three months.

Alibaba group vice president, tmall 618 in charge of renjialuo also said, expanded the time point, business more calm, more time training.

Science and technology innovation board daily reporter learned that the two waves of prices and incentives are consistent, which is also Alis requirements for businesses to sign up. During the event, it is OK for consumers to place an order at any time point. Jialuo said.

It is worth noting that this year Alipay first participated in the dual 11 role as a platform for digital living rather than a positioning tool for payment.

In the past, double 11 was only sold for one day, which may be more suitable for some online categories, so this is why the rhythm of this year has changed. This change also creates conditions for some offline categories and some service-oriented businesses to participate. Jiang Fan said.

Jiang Fan pointed out that Alipay has carried out a new positioning, that is, with the help of the double 11, we can tell consumers that the double 11 holiday is not only a holiday for online shopping, but also a big point that covers the whole consumption of consumers.

With Alipay as its entrance, this year is also the largest line business participating in double 11.

The eco economic members of Ali digital economy, which are aggregated by Alipay, will also launch half off activities under the platform of hungry (word of mouth), panning ticket, barley, flying pig and other platforms. The retail stores will be combined with 1 hours distribution service under the relevant lines, which means that online, offline, far field and near field business wars will be played together. 2 million

According to this situation, Alis nunchakus is not a one-time arrangement.

Jiang Fan said, this is a very careful internal discussion. This year, we have changed this rhythm. Businesses will work with us to find a new rhythm, which is a direction for the long-term and the future.

In other words, the change will be long-term, whether it is the nunchaku system or the double-11 acceleration offline.

In the future, double 11 should be able to cover all categories. In this way, consumers can truly realize that this day or festival is actually a comprehensive consumer Festival. Jiang Fan said.

The following is the full text of Jiang Fans speech at the tmall double 11 conference in 2020:

Dear guests, business friends, partners, media friends: Hello! Im Jiang Fan.

Thank you for coming to the site of tmall double 11 press conference. It has been 11 years since tmall double 11. If we define 11 years as a cycle of double 11, then this year, the upcoming 12th tmall double 11 activity is not only a summary of the past, but also a new opening for us to face the future.

As the leader of digital economy, tmall and Ali are grateful for this era. In the past 11 years, tmall has led the innovation of Chinese consumption and promoted the growth of Chinese consumption. This year is a very extraordinary year. We have experienced the uncertainty brought about by the epidemic situation, and we have also seen the energy of consumption growth led by the digital economy. Tmall double 11 will be a very deterministic force in the uncertainty. We will continue to give full play to the energy of Alis digital economy and actively promote the growth of consumption in China and even the world. This has always been Alis responsibility and responsibility.

We believe that innovation and creation are the driving force for the long-term development of double 11. As the double 11 in the new cycle, in order to better serve our consumers and our businesses, we need to face the future, constantly break through, take the initiative to change, and bring new value to everyone.

The first double 11 began 11 years ago. Tmalls double 11 has always chosen to sell on November 11 in a single day. Many young people also call this day singles day. This years double 11, the original singles day will become a nunchaku composed of two sales stages. This years double 11 will be put on sale in advance to November 1. The first wave of sales will be from November 1 to November 3, and the second wave will be on November 11.

Under the new rhythm, pre-sale goods can pay the final payment on November 1, and consumers can receive the purchased goods 10 days earlier than before; from the original one-day sale of double-11 to the present four days later, consumers have more sufficient time to make full choices, and will not miss the rush purchase because of the tight time. The logistics pressure on November 11 will also be less, which can give consumers a better logistics experience.

After the outbreak, many businesses have stronger expectations and higher expectations for double 11. Starting to sell in advance can create a longer business time window for businesses, so that businesses can get more resources and more opportunities during the double 11 period.

Second, this years double 11, we not only support online chopping hands, we also provide food, drink and play, and consumers can buy cars and houses.

Under the new rhythm, starting from the pre-sale period, this years double 11 shopping season will span three weekends, which is also conducive to better participation of offline businesses and consumers. This year, Alipay will join the double 11 for the first time as a digital life platform. Many platforms of Ali economy will be organized in more than 200 City organizations, City Life Carnival, allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits and convenience of double 11 in the 1 hour living circle.

In addition, this years double 11, we will unite our businesses in the two important areas of consumption, car and room, to bring unprecedented benefits to consumers.

This year, more than 50 mainstream automobile brands and hundreds of hot selling models participated in the double 11. Meanwhile, the number of new energy vehicles increased significantly compared with last year, and the proportion of new energy vehicles reached 30%. Tmall auto will officially launch the ten billion subsidy for tmalls good cars on double 11 this year. It will link up with more than 7000 dealer stores in more than 300 cities and launch hundreds of half price car second kill activities to bring tangible benefits to automobile consumers with the greatest strength.

Some time ago, we officially announced that tmall has established tmall good house. On the 11th of this year, tmall good house will cooperate with our partner E-House and the best real estate developers in China to create the largest online real estate sales in the history of real estate. More than 3000 real estate projects from more than 200 cities across the country participated in the double 11, covering 40% of the current domestic mainstream cities. The maximum discount for a single suite can reach 1 million. Tmall good house linkage with our partners, to provide consumers with the biggest real estate discount of the year.

In addition, this years double 11 we will create a more young, entertaining interactive experience, so that our consumers have a happy shopping experience, so that our businesses have a better brand value expression.

We believe that the above several new changes will give the double 11 more value, and will also allow more consumers to participate. In this years double 11 cycle, we expect that more than 800 million users will participate in the double 11. Everyone will participate in the double 11 Carnival in this cycle.

2020 is an extraordinary year. We have experienced the epidemic and cherish a better life. We said that the ideal life of tmall, just past the National Day holiday let us see the motivation of Chinese consumers to continue to pursue the ideal life, and also saw the huge consumption vitality of the Chinese market. This year, the whole world is paying close attention to the situation of Chinas domestic demand and consumption. As the first double 11 after the epidemic, tmall will bring the biggest domestic demand outbreak in the whole year.

Facing the future, tmall double 11 is not pursuing a simple transaction scale, we pay more attention to sustainable development. This year, we will join the Alipay ant forest together under the Tmall double 11 public welfare forest. All users can participate in planting trees by participating in interaction. We expect to have 100 million people to participate. In addition, tmall double 11 will work with rookies to further promote plastic reduction and environmental protection in this cycle. 80000 rookie stations will participate in the recycling of cartons and plastics; 50% of the goods delivered in the double 11 cycle rookie warehouse only use the original packaging of the goods, without secondary packaging, or use environmentally friendly non adhesive tape cartons.