There are hidden worries behind the surprise of womens gold championship, the head coach said frankly: the situation is hard

 There are hidden worries behind the surprise of womens gold championship, the head coach said frankly: the situation is hard

Since the iwaf changed its level in 2018, the National Womens weightlifting team has adjusted its response rapidly, maintaining the momentum of winning gold and silver in the international arena and frequently breaking world records. In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games, key players also get enough Olympic Qualification points and master the initiative. It seems that the wind and water, did not expect to appear in Shaoyang some worrying situation.

In addition to the injured players, a total of 13 national team members returned to their local teams to compete at seven levels. Five of them did not make the top three in the total score. Some double insurance were completely defeated by the Post-00 athletes, and some even lost all three. Fortunately, Li Wenwen, Deng Wei and Wang zhouyu won three gold medals at their level, showing the level of the national team.

No problem is the biggest problem. Many things cant be taken for granted. Zhang Guozheng believes that the competition will ring a warning bell for the national team preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, and it is necessary to deeply analyze the problems in terms of ideology, training, guarantee and connection. I hope that through this competition, we can really see the deficiencies and see our own problems. He said.

National team players are generally experienced, and the national championship may not be the competition they have to win. But as Zhang Guozheng said, competition is competition, not training. In the domestic arena is still unable to show convincing technical ability, psychological quality, how to enter the international arena?

Some members of the national team said that due to the long-term closure of the epidemic, they were mentally tired. In addition, the long-term non competition affected the performance of the tournament.

There are also competent authorities responsible for the analysis that weightlifting, which challenges the limits of the body, is difficult to maintain a high level for a long time. After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, some athletes were ready to survive injuries need to be adjusted. However, as long as we keep a close eye on the general goal of preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games and make sure that we can get on the Olympic field in the best condition, it is normal to have some ups and downs before.

This competition, two 19-year-old young players One World War famous.. Peng Cuiting, a 71 kg player of Guangdong team, surpassed the world record in snatch. Luo Shifang of Hunan team, who made her debut in adult competition, won three gold medals in 59 kg. Considering the comprehensive strength of athletes, Olympic points, competition level and other factors, it is not realistic to adjust new players into the national team to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, how to maximize the catfish effect and further create a competitive atmosphere may be the next step for the national team to think about.

I hope you will work hard and strive for the goal of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Zhang Guozheng said that the adjustment of new forces to the national team will be comprehensively considered, which is a promotion for the athletes preparing for the Olympic Games.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651