Community response to 78 villas unclaimed: 66 owners have been contacted

 Community response to 78 villas unclaimed: 66 owners have been contacted

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Changsha 78 villas no one claimed, the community once called Hunan best villa (source: Red Star News)

No one claims 78 villas in Changsha

According to the report of Sanxiang City daily, recently, it was reported on the Internet that 78 villas in Tongshenghu villa community of Yuhua District, Changsha City were not claimed. In order to verify this statement, the reporter came to the community and confirmed from the property management company that 78 villas in the community were unclaimed, and 60 foreign-style houses were in the same situation.

Our company entered the site in May this year. Although we have made a handover with the former property management company, the information of some owners is incomplete, which makes it impossible for us to collect the property fee in full and transfer the work efficiently. Wu, manager of Vanke property company, said that after sorting out, there are still 78 villas in Tongshenghu villa and baizhushui village, and 60 foreign-style houses have no owner information or the information is inaccurate.

Photo source: Sanxiang City daily

Those unclaimed villas are not concentrated in one piece, but scattered in various areas of the community. Ms. Huang, the owner of Tongshenghu villa, told reporters that the idle houses had not been taken care of all the time. The property cant contact the owner. We feel a bit gloomy and terrifying after passing these unmanned Villas at night.

Is it not surprising that no one claims 1000 villas? The owner, Ms. Zeng, said, if the property cant receive the property fee, its not good for them to carry out their work. Its our other owners who will ultimately be affected.

A garden overgrown with weeds. Photo source: Red Star News

78 villas not claimed