Its a tradition for a PE teacher to be a class teacher in a school in Shanghai

 Its a tradition for a PE teacher to be a class teacher in a school in Shanghai

On October 16, at a press conference of the Ministry of education, a reporter mentioned that not long ago, a school in Qingdao made a PE teacher a head teacher. As a result, it was objected and complained by parents, which aroused social concern.

In this regard, Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of sports health and art education of the Ministry of education, said that physical education teachers, music teachers, art teachers and science and technology teachers can be class teachers. Because every teacher has to have a teachers qualification certificate, which is in line with the requirements of teachers. The subjects they teach are different, which subjects do not mean that you cant be a class teacher.

Later, Guangming Daily also published an article saying that parents opposed to the role of PE teachers as class teachers. They said more frankly that they looked down on physical education teachers. They believed that compared with teachers of other subjects, physical education teachers were not conducive to improving students academic performance.

Therefore, to bring physical education into the college entrance examination and improve the score of physical education will undoubtedly have a direct role in promoting the status of physical education subjects and teachers.

Students measured heart rate in physical education class.

In Shanghai, there is such a middle school, with the tradition of PE teachers as class teachers, that is Fenghua junior middle school.

Physical education teachers have their own advantages as head teachers. In addition to having more time to pay attention to the situation of class students, they can better integrate with students through sports.

Wu Ping, who has been a teacher in charge of a class for five years, welcomed her students back to her primary school in May this year. During the epidemic period, I kept in touch with my parents and asked them to urge their children to complete some home-based exercises. Therefore, by the stage of class resumption, the physical condition of our classs children is relatively ideal and stable. She told surging journalists.

Sports can help them adjust their mentality, which is one of the important ways to solve psychological problems.

In the view of Wu Ping, due to the epidemic situation, physical education in this special period has reflected more value worthy of recognition.

In an interview with Jiefang Daily, a parent of Wu Pings class said that the physical education teacher was in good physical fitness and energetic; in addition, the PE teacher had no written work to be corrected, which meant that he had more time to control than the major teacher who was not majoring in mathematics.

Management of the class requires a lot of energy and time, in this regard, P.E. teachers have more advantages as class teachers.

Appropriate amount of physical exercise can effectively improve students physical quality and immunity. Another teacher, Shen Hongwen, emphasized the view of complete personality, first in physical education, that full physical exercise is more helpful for students to release pressure and relieve pressure.

The subject of physical education is to enable students to develop good sports habits and eventually form the consciousness of lifelong sports, which is the incomparable educational value of our sports discipline.

The purpose of setting octagonal training apparatus in physical education is to exercise the explosive force, sensitivity and coordination of lower limbs.

In addition, Yao Chenglin, deputy director of the student development center, said in an interview with the morning news that PE teachers have their own advantages in leading classes.

Yao Chenglin said that physical education is a popular subject for children, and physical education teachers tend to be more open-minded, which is easier to get childrens love and open their hearts, which is a kind of ability most needed in the work of a head teacher.

Students often make more efforts on the subjects taught by the head teacher. Physical education teachers can break the class teacher effect. Students can reasonably allocate their time to each subject to reduce the occurrence of partial subjects.

Du Linlin, the principal of Fenghua junior middle school, has more mature ideas about school arrangement.

The first criterion for us to find a head teacher is to have excellent business, and then to have a high comprehensive quality. Of course, we must also have a sense of responsibility and dedication.

In grades 6 and 7, we have four extra-curricular sports classes and an activity class every week. The physical education teachers have contact with the class every day just through class. And physical education is from grade six to grade nine throughout the whole junior high school stage Du Linlin said that physical education accounts for a high proportion of the total class hours, which provides a very important basic condition for a PE teacher to be a class teacher.

Du Linlin said that physical education has advantages over other disciplines in cultivating students awareness of rules, team spirit, sense of group honor, responsibility and self-confidence.

Due to the characteristics of physical education, physical education teachers often have more advantages than other subject teachers in terms of cohesive activity creation, organization and management ability, observation ability, communication ability and so on, and these abilities are just necessary for the head teacher to manage the class.

Source: surging news editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651