Is there a variety show more pretentious than actor please be in position 2!?

 Is there a variety show more pretentious than actor please be in position 2!?

A kind of

No accident, Guo Jingming was scolded on hot search again. I cant remember how many times director Guo went to hot search. In short, hot search is always more negative than positive. I think he is used to being scolded. So this time, he did not respond to this matter. Fortunately, the flow is still there, and he is still the successful businessman.

Famous scene

The scene was once so embarrassing that even as an audience, I felt that Guo Jingmings move was ridiculous, not to mention all the directors and actors on the stage.

With the mentality of eating melons, he wanted to hear how Guo Jingming could justify himself. Unexpectedly, Li Chengru, who was sitting on the side, couldnt see it anymore. He met Guo Jingming directly and said that he didnt like this kind of all kinds of methods of turning hands for clouds and covering hands for rain.

There are also some people who cant sit on the stage, which means its ridiculous, and some people say that its pulling up the seedling to encourage growth. Dong Siyi said directly: did he choose this place as the name of the youth? Zhang dada, who was criticized for his acting skills, exaggeratedly said: if Mr. Er Dongsheng didnt supply me with an s card after recording today, I couldnt accept this fact.

Its true that all the people are not blind and can see whether they have acting skills at a glance, and Guo Jingmings reason is also very unconvincing. He said, the person I give to s is that I want to find him to film. This is the key point. Take a look at the movies Guo Jingming once directed. Its either handsome or beautiful. To interpret the meaning of this sentence, its just that his appearance is just good at my favorite points.

This bloodbath did not end after the end of the program, but intensified, many people began to question: is Guo Jingming really qualified to sit on the directors seat to comment on a group of actors?

Lets not discuss whether he is qualified for the moment. Anyway, the director of actor please be in position 2 is beautiful in his heart. At least, there is a topic with flow, which is better than inviting some big directors and the program is not warm or hot. Therefore, if the audience takes this variety show as a lively watch, it may not be so angry.

In fact, I was very looking forward to it before the launch of actors please be in place 2, because the program group has invited many excellent old actors, many young actors who are struggling, and new actors who have just entered the actor hall. Among the three actors, the young have flow and beauty, while the older ones have acting skills and strength.

But what I didnt expect was that the good thing about good actors was that they just came to the stage. Their efforts in front of the screen for so many years needed more recognition. However, after the performance, they left behind some dissatisfied voices, even if most of them were good words. For example, Ni Hongjies secret corner, masus secret corner, spicy Yangzis family of Thieves Its done. OK, after that, theres no point.

Actors need to be recognized by the director and divided into s, a, and B. Although many of these actors are still hot in the film and television talent market, we can judge whether an actors performance is too one-sided by means of piecemeal performance. Because of these films, actors will follow these unfamiliar performance segments, just like after the performance of hour Li Xirui and Meng Ziyi, in Zhao Weis words, the drama on the stage is much more emotional than the drama off the stage. This sentence is not only an evaluation of the two actors, but also a personal evaluation of the program. If the drama is not enough, it will easily affect your rating.

The four directors sitting on the stage need to guide the actors in the right direction and path through their own comments. In this regard, the comments made by Chen Kaige and ER Dongsheng are both very dry and valuable. Er Dongshengs criticism and harsh tongue are all on the point. As for Huang Mengyings leading role face and supporting role face, directors also said that there would never be such a difference between actors and actresses. Zhao Wei even said dirty words to those who had such a view, because when she was an actor, she would have met this kind of director. She had a real disposition and loved her.

Guo Jingming has to speak alone. Unlike other directors, he makes a good comment, but he seems to have said nothing. His speech is very beautiful, and his language combination is perfect. There are many theories and professional expressions that we have never heard of. But can we sum up what he really got? It seems not. He likes to be independent. He almost always has a little objection to the works praised by other directors.

Moreover, he only likes the dramatics he likes and the actors who conform to his aesthetic taste. For Huang Yis Fengyue, he said that he was plain; for Wen Zhengrong and Huang Mengyings Mei Lanfang, he said that they played their own roles.

Its not really the focus of actor, please be in position 2 that the off stage footage is about. The program team prefers to focus on the battle and gunpowder on the stage. If there are some exciting scenes, it will be more perfect. In fact, this original intention has deviated from the original intention of actor please be in place to identify, motivate and shape actors and ultimately explore and deliver high-quality, high-quality and high-quality players to the industry Because of conflicts and topics, the variety show role competition reality show of outstanding actors with potential has become the focus of attention.

I really feel that the next time I dont need to complete actor please be in place, and it will be over if I directly complete topic please be in place. Also, dont invite any excellent actors. Please directly invite the online celebrities and the flow of fresh meat. Its difficult to estimate the audience rating without exploding!