Dont ask. Asking is depression.

 Dont ask. Asking is depression.

After the letter was issued, some people were anxious to find someone;

Others are eager to find loopholes - such as the insurance section.

Insurance exemption clauses do not understand, cognitive ability is insufficient.

There are thousands of happy things and thousands of sufferings.

Another high school student, sensitive in nature, did not want to deceive himself and comply with paternity, so he decided to extricate.

The farewell letter is very long, half with reasons and half with goodbye.

After reading the whole letter, I only had shock and sigh.

He was surprised at his thoroughness, but even more pitiful:

If he grew up in a better environment, he might become a good man.

Can be such a text, but by the bullshit of comments..

Even now, as long as someone wants to give up and express their sadness,

This is the irony:

Dont ask. Asking is depression.

But in fact, they have no idea what other people are going through,

And then, regardless of the consequences, they stabbed each other.

Even if these people have chosen to leave, there are still some people who think they are not doing well enough.

The stop of life has failed to stop the superposition of vicious words.

In killing a Mockingbird, there is a plot that reminds me of it.

Scutt called black people niggers, and his lawyers father told him not to.

Scott disagreed: thats what everyone at school said.

Then let one less of all.

I thought about it when I was reading the 19-year-old high school students suicide note.

If, at the beginning, one less person told him a no pain, no pain irony,

Will he have another chance to bring up hope again?

Cai Yilin has a song called young rose,

It is specially made in memory of Ye Yongzhi.

Born in the destined gender, loaded with a different soul.

This boy who likes womens clothes has a mother who fully understands and loves him,

In the end, the violence and bullying brought about by gender stereotypes still remain.

I still remember the helplessness of Ye Yongzhis mother in an interview.

Theyre arguing that my child is sick, but its not.

Prejudice is always telling us: you are a minority, you are not normal.

Even if he has not done anything evil.

Its hard for one person to say 10000 words of encouragement;

What if one person said less hurtful words?

Less words, less cynicism,

Rose boy may not be fixed at the age of 15 forever.

I have seen such a moving picture:

You didnt practice this question several times. Youre stupid!

The two sentences are obviously the same number of words, and even one word is the same.

Just by changing the order, it expresses a completely different meaning.

Most of the time, a change of attitude may really change other peoples lives.

Yong Mei, an actress, once shared a story of her own

She didnt like to watch comedy, but once she saw a comedy movie that was very good at the box office.

I just went to see it with the curiosity of why is it so hot?.

After the whole movie, she saw the audience sitting around laughing,

I may not understand, but I must respect it.

Many difficult situations, without personal experience, really can not feel.

It doesnt mean that we cant respect each other.

In any case, I could be some kind of minority.

So I have to use empathy to respect the people around me

The ordinary people who cant be redeemers,

But at least it can not be the last straw to crush others.

Bai Yansong has a saying like this: in this era, misunderstanding spreads all over the world, understanding is silent. Im looking forward to the day when I can reverse, and Im willing to see you: always trust love, can change the bad stubbornness.