Think about your breasts and uterus before you get angry.

 Think about your breasts and uterus before you get angry.

I remember that day when I took the B-ultrasound, the doctor looked at the huge fibroids on the computer and asked me, how much gas do you have to be angry when the fibroids are so big?

I just know that anger will lead to endocrine disorders, will be easier than normal people to get gynecological diseases. It turns out that you really get angry and get sick! The story is true!

How can I be so angry all the time? Maybe its life that pisses me off. When youre not happy, something worse will happen.

The first thing was that my love bean was attacked by the Internet. I just said on my microblog that I would always like him, and then I was also attacked by the Internet. Later, I have been able to see all kinds of fake materials about Aidou. Surfing the Internet, more and more angry. When does it become sin to like a person?

The second thing is that my father secretly used my ID card to borrow usury. Finally, I was harassed by the debt collection phone for several days and had to pay back 200000 yuan. I was so angry that I wanted to break the father daughter relationship.

The third thing is to start a partnership with a boyfriend. As a result, we are disagree in many aspects. He blames me for not going to live, saying that the official account is dead. There is no future. I blame him for his quick success and instant benefit. He always says that the draught is not enough, so he will not be forced to make the best of it. We quarreled with each other day by day, and in the end, we lost our business and became ill.

Of course, it may be because of the seven-year itch. After being together for a long time, they dont treat each other as outsiders. If they are a little unhappy, they will argue out the story.

But I am most angry with myself. Last year, I began to learn to draw. Originally, I wanted to enrich my creation through comics. As a result, I used to hypnotize myself with too many people are good at painting and wait until I draw like the teacher of barren wood. As a result, I still dont draw anything. What a waste.

Maybe people will have some health problems when they reach a certain age, which will ring the alarm that you should love life. There are a lot of friends around me who are angry and sick like me.

There is a friend, in the factory 996 work, year-end physical examination also found out uterine fibroids and breast nodules. However, myoma is relatively small, far from the extent of surgery to remove.

She has not been scolding her work all day. She is angry with her colleagues who love to throw off the pot today, or the Party A who is not satisfied with the 10 version of the plan tomorrow.

After getting the physical examination report, she began to think that she should not go to work with such true feelings.

When I was 20 years old, I swore and swore all day long, and I was not afraid of the keyboard man for 24 hours. Now that Im 30 +, Id better be an adult with stable emotions.

Later when angry to think about, this sb deserve to become a hysteromyoma, mammary gland nodule, ovarian cyst?

When I was in hospital, I deeply felt that it was too difficult to be a woman.

There are women in their early 20s who have uterine polyps because they stay up late every day, and there are 60 + women whose uterus falls off because they are too tired to take care of their grandchildren.

One of them, who was about the same age as me, was also a patient with uterine fibroids. Because she couldnt get pregnant two years after the operation, her boyfriend broke up with her. The reason is that the mans mother thought that even if she was 35 years old, she would have a late child, and she might not be able to get pregnant after two years. Maybe this disease leads to infertility? Its really a question mark.

Pressure, bad mood really easy to get gynecological diseases. And once got gynecological disease, there may be unfriendly prejudice: get gynecological disease is not punctual. Good girls dont get gynecological diseases!

Some time ago, I saw a microblog. The blogger @ chundao Jianxue wanted to have a hysterectomy. In fact, this operation is very simple, and she can be discharged the next day. However, because of her hymen, many hospitals refused her application for surgery on the ground that it may damage the hymen.

Finally, the operation was completed, but the process was also magical

The response of the bloggers grandmother is also biased by many people

After this illness, I also review my own understanding of gynecology is too little. Gynecological disease is not a matter of shame. I believe that there are many young friends more lack of education in this area, so they will update this knowledge from time to time!

Love yourself!

Boys dont get angry. They cant be tough.