Would you do that in front of your partner?

 Would you do that in front of your partner?

To tell you the truth, my first reaction when I saw this news was how people did it! Through the comments, we found that many people said that their partner not only cant avoid, but also deliberately gather in front of themselves to fart!

I dont want to fart now. On my husbands face, I always feel that this fart is losing.,

My husband and I are competing to see who farts the loudest.,

As soon as my husband farts in the bed, he covers my face with the quilt

Hahaha, most of the painting styles in reality are like this.

Most people are still gradually exposing their shortcomings, exposing the truth, slowly accept each other, tolerate each other, and establish a closer relationship.

Its like a part of the movie the catcher, the professor said when he recalled his wifes death,

I dont understand his behavior very much. Sometimes when we walk around the corner and he drinks wind, I will force him to exhaust in the street. He will be extremely embarrassed and will not obey.

Maybe everyone has different requirements for themselves. If a person is willing to be perfect all the time, which is very important to him, it is nothing. If there is a real ideological burden, afraid to expose shortcomings, it is not necessary. Because these imperfections make up real life.

We all hope that our partner can be relaxed and natural enough in front of us. Even if we make mistakes sometimes, its a kind of fun. We cant pursue vulgarity and we dont need to be careful.

I hope that in the shy and reserved with the burden of idols, the lovers can successfully go through the stage of showing the reality. Its ok if you cant be a perfect fairy at any time. Its also great to be a lover who burps and farts occasionally and is full of smoke and fire in the world!

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