Top performance fund managers to pulse the fourth quarter of a share market new energy direction into consensus

 Top performance fund managers to pulse the fourth quarter of a share market new energy direction into consensus

Wind data shows that, as of October 19, ABC Huili industry 4.0, ABC research selection, GF high-end manufacturing a, new energy theme, three-year fixed opening of Agricultural Bank of China Huili, financing of medical and health industry a, investment promotion of pharmaceutical and health industry, Great Wall environmental protection theme, and growth of medium and small cap of ICBC Credit Suisse ranked the top of the fund performance list this year.

There are new recruits and veteran fund managers, but some of them have been regular customers in the performance rankings since this year. Zhao Yi of ABC Huili fund, Liao Hanbo of Great Wall Fund, Du Yang of Credit Suisse fund of ICBC, Wu Xingwu of Guangfa fund, Ge Lan of China Europe Fund, etc., have become stars on the competition stage.

How is good performance refined? Zhao Yi said that the core lies in solid research and resolute layout against the trend. After the Spring Festival, affected by the epidemic situation, the capital market has been greatly adjusted, and photovoltaic, new energy and other sectors have declined greatly due to the heavy impact on overseas demand. He and his colleagues have done a lot of desk research and research, and found out several facts: after rapid adjustment, whether the two industries have been in a reasonable range of valuation; whether overseas demand is as pessimistic as the market performance; if the layout is on the left at this time, what is the withdrawal pressure of the products and themselves. After finding out the answers to these questions, when Zhao Yi found that many optimistic stocks fell to the bottom area, and when the market was extremely pessimistic, he went against the trend to increase his position, which led to the continued bright performance.

Key words of future investment

In view of the future investment direction, Zhao Yi said that under the current development pattern, the important investment direction of domestic substitution has been derived, especially the high-end manufacturing industry, aero-engine and semiconductor industries with short boards. In addition, the increase of demand brought by technological progress is also an important investment direction. The recent strong performances of 5g and new energy vehicles are all based on the incremental effects brought about by scientific and technological progress. Zhao Yi said that in the future, we should continue to do a good job in solid research, insist on making good investment in the fields they are good at, and strive to create long-term sustainable investment returns for investors.

Zheng chengran, a high-end manufacturing fund manager of Guangfa, pointed out that the two core factors affecting the market in the fourth quarter were liquidity at the macro level and corporate profitability at the micro level. He believes that at present, the above two factors are relatively stable. From the perspective of policy, this year is the end of the 13th five year plan, which will be the focus of market attention. Generally speaking, the market in the fourth quarter will be volatile, but there will be a structural market. We are optimistic about the two major directions of new energy and science and technology.

Feng Mingyuan, manager of Cinda ANZ fund, said that at present, there will be good investment opportunities in the domestic fields that need to make up for the shortcomings and have a large development space, such as semiconductors, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, military industry, etc. However, considering the current time point, Feng Mingyuan believes that it is necessary to observe and wait, and the risks in the market have not been fully digested, and it needs a professional investment team to conduct rigorous analysis and keep track of it.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of China Securities Journal_ NBJ9607