Apples new mobile phone has many slots but still sells well

 Apples new mobile phone has many slots but still sells well

Despite the number of slots, Apples new phones are selling well. After the opening of pre-sale, the major e-commerce platforms were basically sold out in seconds, and Apples official website was paralyzed by the influx of orders. It is estimated that the two new phones open for pre-sale sold about 2 million units on the first day, far more than the previous generation of iPhone 11.

In addition to making efforts on mobile phone chips, apple, which once relied on a single model to dominate the world, is also making an article in the market segments. For example, the iPhone 12 promax, which will be released later, will enhance the video capture and processing functions to meet the needs of professionals; another 5.4-inch screen iPhone 12mini, with a body weight of 133 grams and a thickness of 7.4mm, will make it the smallest and exquisite 5g mobile phone on the market, which can not only meet the needs of a large number of users who hold Apples previous generations of mobile phones It can also be welcomed by consumers who like small screen mobile phones. At present, almost all other 5g mobile phone screens on the market are more than 6 inches. As a result, Apple has few competitors in this segment.

To be the best mobile phone is the unremitting pursuit of many mobile phone enterprises. Although the release of Apples new mobile phone did not make too many fruit powder feel amazing, but it shows a more pragmatic side of apple: in todays market demand continues to be subdivided, the best mobile phone must be the one most suitable for the needs of target consumers. From this point of view, apple still has a lot to learn from domestic mobile phone brands.

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