Fashion experts will use fashion accessories to increase the sense of fashion

 Fashion experts will use fashion accessories to increase the sense of fashion

Lets take a look at the accessories, which can not only strengthen the cold resistance of the body, but also make you look fashionable!


In the recently popular American TV series Emily in Paris, although the female host has been criticized for her many clothes, this set of look has been recognized by everyone. A beret not only lightens the overall dark color, but also increases the warmth.

Item recommendation

LEB u00e9 retfranais is a French brand, born in the Basque region in the southwest of France, and has been established for eight years.

Its classic Beret is very popular, each one is handmade and has won the French national living cultural heritage enterprise label.

Pure wool material has excellent thermal insulation, and satin lining design makes it easy to wear. The design line is simple and clear, with rich French style and unique artistic flavor.

And each cap is closely equipped with its own dust bag, when not in use, it can be tiled and placed in the dust bag, which can be kept unchanged for a long time, like a new one.


If you already have a classic color beret and want a change of taste and personal characteristics, try this blue one.

LEB u00e9 retfranais sky blue wool BERET

Goalstudiologo wool hat

Goalstudio is a brand inspired by football. Its woolen hat is always full of neutral dynamic. In autumn and winter, wearing a woolen hat can keep a lot of warm, and girls use it with windbreaker or sweater to make the shape dynamic and casual.

This hat is the same for men and women, and it is also suitable as a small piece for lovers. Goalstudios wool hat pays great attention to the use of color, it may be a large area of fluorescent color, publicity personality. It may also be the color matching of classic colors, which makes a hat look very conflicting.

He thought that the Savior of the basic style will increase the overall fashion after wearing it.

Goalstudiologo wool hat



Especially in the cold winter, a high-quality cashmere scarf is comfortable and warm, which can be regarded as a necessary piece.