From toilet washer to No.1 in the world! The strongest on the surface 157 beat down American opponents praise: the best in the world

 From toilet washer to No.1 in the world! The strongest on the surface 157 beat down American opponents praise: the best in the world

I hope one day we can play together for the Japanese national team, he encouraged

Few people paid attention to the fact that the player who stood in the corner area in the 117th minute to give a corner assist and the 81st minute make-up shot in front of the goal to help Japan drag the game into extra time was the little girl he encouraged a few years ago.

At that time, that girl was miyayama, the first sister of Dahe Fuzi. Miyayama, whose height was only 157, became the absolute core of the Japanese womens football team. She was elected the Asian Football miss three times, the best in Asia and the top three in the world soccer miss.

With her help, the Japanese womens football team reached the World Cup finals twice and the Olympic finals once.

In order to grow up, what do you think is the most important? the reporter asked

Miyayama: I think its persistence. Every days training, physical exercise and diet, adhere to everything. Never be lazy in the training every day. No matter what happens, train with all your strength. As an athlete, I have maintained this attitude until now

Do you have the courage to say so absolutely?

1u3001 Tutoring and dropout

Influenced by the Chinese civilization, the Japanese hierarchy and the situation of men being superior to women were still very serious at the end of the last century. Football is so unrestrained and wild that it is incompatible with the traditional Japanese womens image of being family friendly and peaceful!

Fortunately, miyayama was born into a family without sexism, and her parents are very open-minded.

Miyayamas father was a former football player. Football has been rolling around the house since her two daughters were born. Instead of stopping his two daughters from playing football, the father directly formed a football team.

Miyayamas parents did not talk about the concept of mutual respect.

During the kindergarten class, miyayama wants to raise a rabbit. For the daughters preferences, parents choose to support.

At that time, there was a wave of raising rabbits in kindergartens. The teacher decided to let the children take turns to take care of the rabbits. Among them, miyayama was selected as the person in charge of raising rabbits, full of energy. A lot of people leave the rabbit out of the blue when the heat is over.

If everyone doesnt take care of it, the rabbit will die! The kindergarten teacher was very angry about miyayamas obsession with rabbit rolling and delayed learning. However, miyayama, who has too much self-esteem, doesnt want to go to kindergarten any more.

I didnt want to go the next day I was scolded.

For almost all parents, its almost the bottom line to respect their children. But miyayamas parents, even in this matter, are on the side of their children.

Ling, if you want to continue to do what you like, mom and dad will not stop you, but the premise must be good at both learning and sports.

For miyayama, who was at that meeting, reading was escapism.

In the sixth grade of primary school, Miyama Ling, as the only female player in the mens team, participated in the final of the regional preliminary competition of the Chiba county competition. At that time, miyayama thought that she could break through the hurdle by herself and score a goal that was astonishing. She broke through with her head and the ball was broken again and again.

Miyayama wakes up like a dream and understands her fathers teaching. In the end, the final entered extra time, in which miyayama received help from her teammates and scored the winning goal.

In 2011, at the pre match press conference of Germanys World Cup final against the United States, miyayama said her fathers words: whenever I want to play for my partner other than myself.

Later, he became the captain of the Japanese national team. Miyagi often said to his teammates, give your teammates back. They are all the most reliable people. If you think about others, that understanding will return to yourself...

On the football field, except for the teammates, they are the opponents. With respect for her parents words and deeds, miyayama treats her opponents equally. Its the same spirit for opponents. We are divided into teammates and opponents in the game, but after the game we are important football partners. I never thought that we would be competitors for every team

In the 2011 World Cup final between Japan and the United States, the two sides must fight each other through penalty kicks. When saki Kumagai sent the last penalty kick to the door of the United States team, thousands of Japanese audiences burst into shouting, and many people had already burst into tears. Japans 11 men know better than anyone how difficult and depressing the game was.

Only miyayama Ling, she maintained forbearance and restraint at the peak of her life. At the moment of the whistle, she was far away from the joy of carnival, ran against her teammates and went straight to the loser.

A scene not captured by the broadcast camera

Hope, Im really sorry, I know how important this world cup is to you and the United States, and I know how important the game is to you. Its hard for me to celebrate at this moment because I know youre in pain.

Ling, I hope you are happy. Didnt you just win the world cup? This kind of thing may be only once in a lifetime. Please celebrate it for me. I dont need your comfort...

Hope and Gongjian silk

Later, hope also recalled this unforgettable scene in his autobiography: if the U.S. team has to lose the world cup, then the Japanese team in which ayama Miyama belongs is the most wanted team. Ayama is really a great player and a great man , and her playing style is the best in the world.

Next years London Olympic Games womens football semi-final, the same history again.

Japan eliminated France to the final, and other team-mates turned into happy little birds - miyayama or miyayama. Her restraint, forbearance and rationality were born with her. She abandoned her teammates who celebrated the victory and went to the lost French girls for the first time.

Even the enemy in the game, after the game, everyone is football people, Miyagis humanity moved the football fans all over the world.

3u3001 The power of persistence

When she was in primary school, miyayama only wanted to play football. There are always people in the park nearby, so we said, go to the seaside to play football. . Sometimes I go alone, and Im reprimanded for coming home late. Since then, Ive dreamed of joining the No. 1 team in the world

From the second day of junior high school, miyayama chose to transfer to school to go to Tokyos rice city, which is three and a half hours away by car, commuting seven hours a day.

As a person, there is no way to play football So we have complied with the minimum agreement. Every day, after the training of the dusty, it is more than half of the night. There is no time to write homework at all. In order to avoid delay in training, Miyagi chose to write homework on the bus that goes back and forth to the training ground every day.

In her sophomore year, miyayama chose to join a team called Tangxiang Belle in Okayama in order to continue her football career. This team has just been set up and everyone is on amateur contracts. In order to continue to live, everyone has to find a job in the local enterprise.

Miyayama is the same. In order to solve the problem of food and clothing, she has been cleaning the outdoor hot springs part-time. Later, miyayama summed up her desire for football in a sentence

When I wake up in the morning, if I dont want to do football today, Ill retire that day.

Ling is very quiet and doesnt talk much, but she works very seriously. The owner of the hot spring recalled.

At the age of 18, miyayama, who persevered, was finally called up by a national team. Because of her height and gender problems, her career had been difficult to sustain for several times. Starting from being selected as a national team, her career has entered the fast track.

After her appearance in international football, Miyazakis free kick and balance of left and right feet immediately attracted attention. Hideko Nakata, Beckhams, Pirlo Such praise words can be said to be countless.

Long distance transmission scheduling

Push straight plug

The landmark long-range shooting and second reading is absolutely equal to Germany

In the 2013 East Asia Cup, a Korean reporter asked miyayama, which is your favorite leg? Miyayama replied, you will know by yourself. As a result, after the whole competition, the reporter was dazzled by miyayamas walking, but he still couldnt see which leg was the main leg of miyayama.

Miyayamas abnormal balance of left and right legs is mainly due to her mother. My mother was originally a basketball player. When she was a child, she saw that her daughter was not good at playing with her left foot. Her mother would use her left and right hands to dribble the ball. Then she told her daughter, if you play basketball, you can use either hand..

Family education has planted a strong seed in the soil of the palace silk field.

4u3001 Inheritance and retirement

In the 2011 World Cup final, the United States made Japans team in a mess at the beginning of the third board axe. The Japanese team fell behind twice. The red card of SHIMIZI made the whole team flustered for a time. At the critical moment, he said, dont be afraid of me, so that we can regain calm.

What is the role of spiritual leaders? With miyayamas own words: see zesuihi is encouraged, see her on the field, feel the Japanese team together. The younger generation, yonglisanai and Yongli Youji, said, with such a senior as an example, what else can we not insist on?

For many years, miyayama has always kept a word of Zesuixi in mind: the most important thing is the glory of the national team and the protection of the national team.

In 2012, miyayama appeared at the press conference as the captain of Japanese womens football team for the first time: I dont want to let the elders who cant come here have unnecessary worries, and I dont want the outside world to think that we cant fight. In the end, the Japanese team met with Germany in the final, losing 3-4 to Germany.

In 2015, the Japanese womens football team, as the champion of the Asian Cup and the defending champion of the world cup, once again launched an impact on the world cup. On the eve of the world cup, miyayama revealed her sense of crisis to the media.

2015 Canada world cup

For us, the era of bad luck has lasted for a long time. Before, because of the predecessors who have been fighting hard, we have now. We cant discard the things handed down from our predecessors in any case. This is something that cant be forgotten in the history of womens football

In Canada, the tenacious Daiwa FUKO once again met the American team in the final. This time, the Americans avenged their revenge four years ago.

This competition, 78 year old head teacher Nathan Masa, sat in front of the TV to watch Miyazakis competition. When I saw ayama working hard, I cried. Thank you for your courage and affection.

After 2015, the Japanese womens football team has entered a period of alternation between the new and the old, and the internal shock of the team is very big. On March 4, 2016, the Japanese womens football team lost 1-2 in the final qualifying match and the third match against China in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. After the game, miyayama shed tears with shame.

Im going crazy. Since I was captain, Ive tried my best to avoid the Japanese team from falling down, but I still cant do anything about it, Miyama said. Although the teams situation is very bad, but the game is not over, must fight to the last minute

In the end, the Japanese womens football team decided to miss the Rio Olympics and usher in the coldest winter. Miyayama retired from Japanese football at the age of 31.

Since then, there have been a sharp decrease in the number of reports on her, scattered and scattered, with inferential words like maybe, maybe, should.

Miyayama is determined to stay away from the camera and go to some unknown places to teach Japanese children to play football like a missionary.

Miyayama said: football can be used as a force, as individuals in society (regardless of gender), can give the society due value and contribution. I want to make womens football a culture, not just a temporary prosperity, so that womens football can really take root in the land of Japan Compared with gold medals, it is more gratifying for us to have more girls participating in this sport. Japanese fans said. Source of this article: Northwest grandstand Author: Zuo Yang, editor in charge: Zhang Zenong_ NS5732

Miyayama said: football can be used as a force, as individuals in society (regardless of gender), can give the society due value and contribution. I want to make womens football a culture, not just a temporary prosperity, so that womens football can really take root in the land of Japan

Compared with gold medals, it is more gratifying for us to have more girls participating in this sport. Japanese fans said.