Five popular colors are coming in autumn and winter 2020! Who wears first is beautiful

 Five popular colors are coming in autumn and winter 2020! Who wears first is beautiful

If you like leisure sports, you can use tannin coat and local color to improve the level of look.

Dont worry about whether wearing red is rustic. Sangba red with lower saturation is elegant in bold capitals.


The introverted regular blue is a good interpretation of what is low-key gorgeous. There is also a sense of leaping in steadiness, which is awe inspiring.

Whether it is the same color department, or local finishing, are indispensable parts of the wardrobe.

High saturation is suitable for the role of a coat, and then appropriate with black, gray and other intermediate colors are easy to produce effect.

If you feel that the collocation is too calm, just carry a bright color bag on your hand, it will be a good color contrast point.

Or you can paint a bright and unobtrusive blue just like ya, to find the focus of complicated look.

In short, blue is the color that cant go wrong


Even if the group green so lining skin color, you will still worry, then give yourself a green bag ~ as long as the bag shape is novel, unique details will be bonus items!

For example, Guo Caijies 3.1 philiplim paper clip bag is an eye-catching tool. The square bag has more capacity and texture. Of course, the premise is that the color is special enough.

Whether its Turquoise or other green, its really not as terrible as you can imagine. As long as the selection of single item is appropriate, it is the freshest one in the crowd~


If you want to walk with wind, a jet white windbreaker + straight pants + silver stiletto Muller shoes are excellent. The thick lines of the windbreaker are set off by the thin heels of the shoes, and the personality is feminine.

Recently, the joint name of Ouyang Nana and converse is also natural and fresh. Nabis whole body is the same color white, plus some details of the finishing point, especially in line with her clean and youthful temperament~

Lets take a look at Ni Nis whole body. The different depths of white and Yaya local white look tell us that no matter what white is, it is not dispensable.


Graupel ash is like gray to blue, a bit like elephant gray, in short, you can feel the blue purple tone in it.

Its a little bit like Grandma grey, which was popular before, but its better to handle, because as long as look has it, youre a cool girl with hard core~

When you meet oversize suit with futuristic hues and choose different shades of grey with mini satchel, do you feel the real minimalist style?

Annie will recommend you to match graupel + white. As long as she works hard on the selection, is it afraid that the autumn and winter will be submerged by dark colors?

No matter what color, I always like the same color to tie a set, simple and easy to wear high-level feeling.

We must not underestimate the fashion color, after all, will wear is the second, know is the key~

And its no exaggeration to say that popular items are derived from them. The answer is all for you. You can wear it in autumn and winter