Dont cut your hair. Your face shape determines your hair style

 Dont cut your hair. Your face shape determines your hair style

Want to change their own image, might as well be bold to cut a short hair to start.

Lets take a look at the short hair today~

High and easy to take care of

For small girls, I recommend short hair, high not pressure.

No matter you are at work or school, you should rush to comb or wash your face. When you brush your hands with water, you can save time and effort.

Beautify the face and strengthen the facial features

Short hair in the chin position can greatly modify the face shape and look more energetic than long hair.

Short hair can focus peoples eyes on the face, adding a three-dimensional sense of facial features.

At the early stage of her career, Guo Caijie has a pure sense of long hair. After changing her short hair, she has her own personality and is more recognizable. She can give people a dazzling feeling.

Short hair molding can not be weaker than long hair, do not believe you see.

Reduce hair loss

Because short hair will be easier when combing, do not worry about long hair knot, comb teeth will be stuck, resulting in hair loss, even if short hair lost in the heart is not so distressed.

Who is suitable for short hair

We use the 5.7cm short hair law to judge whether we are suitable for short hair.

Preparation tools: ruler, pencil.

Pictures from the Internet

The face shape longer than 5.7cm is suitable for long hair over the shoulder, while the face shorter than 5.7cm is suitable for short hair, which happens to be about 5.7cm. Congratulations, you can choose the length according to your preference.

Choose length according to face shape

Short hair is also divided into many, generally speaking, the shoulder above can be called short hair, then what kind of short hair is suitable for you?

Short hair

Suitable for: inverted triangle, oval face

Short hair will move the line of sight to the eyes and nose position, more suitable for girls with delicate facial features, belongs to a smart haircut.

This short hair should be cut to fit the head type, the back of the brain spoon needs to be processed in layers, flat head girls must pay attention to.

WOB short hair

Suitable for: round face, square face, long face

Make sure the hair is curled in and out, and make sure its curly and curly.

Round face bangs should have a sense of air permeability, leaving some small gaps to elongate the face visually.

The longer face shape can be improved by the curly hair on both sides of the cheek.

Straight and short hair

Suitable for: round face, diamond face

It is one of the classic short hair styles. The features of this kind of short hair are straight hair and even hair tail. The hair trimming layers on both sides are very good and the effect of thin face is very good, especially advanced.

The best length is 3 to 5cm below the ear, which is easy to collapse if it is too long.

Fit: any face shape

For girls who have never had short hair cut, its easier to try and accept the length of the clavicle.

The key is to have a sense of hierarchy, without perm in the natural state will also have a slight arc, affinity full score.

You can make some adjustments according to your face shape, such as air bangs, eight character bangs, hair tail curling and so on.

How to dress

After cutting short hair, the lines of neck and shoulder are exposed. You should pay attention to some small details.

Short hair and narrow neckline

It is recommended that girls with short hair and ears should have more.

WOB short hair or straight short hair or clavicular hair + V-collar

No matter what kind of short hair you have, you cant go wrong with a V-neck.

It is worth noting that WOB hairstyle is not suitable for the horizontal stripe top, and it will be more fat in the visual horizontal direction, or with a more three-dimensional complex collar.

Today, granule brings the content about short hair to the little cute, I dont know if you have heart in front of the screen, go and try it. Finally, it is very important to choose a familiar barber, whether it is for hair cutting or perm dyeing. If you are not familiar with it at first, you can choose a barber with a higher score, which can reduce the risk of rollover.