Ten billion private placement adds new army value school fund keen to control scale

 Ten billion private placement adds new army value school fund keen to control scale

Harmony Huiyi asset, founded by Lin Peng, opened its first day of product launch on October 19. It sold 15 billion yuan on that day, adding new members to the 10 billion level private equity club. However, the reporter of China Securities News learned that Hexie asset has taken the initiative to take measures to control the scale, including limiting the number of products on the shelves and lowering the upper limit of the number of single product households. Due to the fact that the funds of some pre appointment customers are still on the way, considering the customer experience and ensuring that all products are established at the same time, the product collection period will end on October 23 according to the original plan. At present, the fund-raising work has entered the closing stage. Industry insiders predict that the scale target of Lin Pengs new products may be controlled around 20 billion yuan.

Scale must match capacity

In the interview, the reporter of China Securities News found that although the scale is still what most fund institutions expect, especially the public and private institutions that expect to make a big show, for many fund institutions and investment giants, the management scale is both sides of the coin, which is both a resource and a burden. Many organizations have played down the scale, even deliberately control the scale, in order to have a more comfortable pace of development.

Rush for privacy

Lin Pengs new products are so popular that the market is once again hot about the upsurge of fund managers running private.

In addition, it has been reported recently that ye Zhan, former CEO of China Thailand asset management, has assumed the post of CEO of aifang asset, a private equity fund company. In terms of internal division of labor, Jiang Kai, founder of aifang assets, is responsible for the overall management of the company and continues to play a core role in quantitative investment and research, while ye Zhan will expand its strategy and product line.