Yao Chen wears a long sleeve T-shirt with wide leg pants. The color matching is very expensive

 Yao Chen wears a long sleeve T-shirt with wide leg pants. The color matching is very expensive

The design of the small round neck is very young and casual. However, it is worth noting that such a design is not very friendly for the small fairy with shoulder width or round face. It is easy to enlarge the scale sense of upper body, and some are fat and strong. For fairies with large skeletons, the round neck or V-neck is more friendly and thin.

Of course, in order to wear a set of look fashionable and foreign style, in addition to the choice of style, color matching is also very important. This is also the reason why Yao Chens simple look can be advanced and fashionable. If you choose the right color, you can easily wear out your temperament even if you dont have to worry about matching. Wine red is very white, which can make Yao Chens muscles more and more white, and the whole person looks radiant.

I have to say that the combination of wine red and gray is really low-key and advanced. Women of any age can easily control it. Next, lets take a look at the different collocations of wine red and gray. Lets learn Yao Chens Dressing Tips and make you unique in autumn!

Highlights: Retro elegant, low-key atmosphere

The layered Jumpsuit is also very chic. The grey and wine red plaid are integrated to make it look high-end. The layered design also shows a sense of design and fashion. Its also very skinny. The extra meat can be covered perfectly. With a pair of high-heeled shoes, the whole person is cool and sassy, with full marks.

u00b7 wine red skirt

Grey sweater and wine red skirt look full of temperament, with a pair of short boots is to match with the decoration of the leg line, looks thin and straight. Slightly A-shaped version is a good decoration of the crotch line, covering the flesh shows thin. She is also very friendly to pear shaped fairies. For fairies who want to reduce their age, it is also fashionable and low-key to change into a grey sweater.

See so many wine red and gray perfect collision, we must have a little heart. Low key elegant wine red and gray is the pronoun of autumn. If you want to create a new height of beauty, get it quickly! Pay attention to me, show you all the fashion wear~