Parents are worried about the inclusion of sports in the entrance examination of senior high school entrance examination

 Parents are worried about the inclusion of sports in the entrance examination of senior high school entrance examination

Recently, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and improving school physical education in the new era (hereinafter referred to as opinions), which is another important document of the state guiding school sports work in recent years after the notice on deepening the integration of sports and education and promoting the healthy development of teenagers.

Many experts in the industry and the principals and physical education teachers of grass-roots schools have the greatest feeling after seeing the documents that school physical education is really about to enter a new period of development. For parents, what they are most concerned about is the statement mentioned in the document about the increase of sports scores in the high school entrance examination and the possibility of sports entering the college entrance examination, but this also causes some parents worries.

In fact, the strengthening of the evaluation mechanism of school physical education under the guidance of high school entrance examination and college entrance examination is only one of the changes in school physical education in the new era. The opinions give school physical education requirements in terms of ideas, strategies and teaching methods, which may have a profound impact on Chinese school sports.

Zhou Lin, headmaster of Hongqiao primary school in Changsha high tech Zone of Hunan Province, said in an interview with the reporter, the first feeling after I saw the document is that this document has finally come down, and it has pointed out a very clear direction for our principals to carry out school physical education reform.

Zhao Li, vice president of the secondary school affiliated to Beijing Institute of foreign studies, said, the body of students is the first thing for the development of the Chinese nation..

Professor Wang Zongping, director of Nanjing University of science and technology, believes that opinions refer to school physical education in the new era, so how to strengthen and improve school physical education in the new era? It is to reflect the attribute of sports facing all students, that is, full coverage, bottom line protection, promoting balance, helping the weak.

Students play basketball games in PE class.

Mao Zhenming, chairman of the National Association of school sports (Teaching Reform) and Professor Mao Zhenming of Beijing Normal University, was deeply impressed by the statements in the guiding ideology of opinions on cultivating people with moral integrity and promoting the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise.

He believes that cultivating morality and cultivating people embodies the educational function of physical education in addition to physical exercise, while promoting the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise points out that at present, the two major participants in school physical education have met with problems to a great extent. Most people only care about cultural learning, but not enough physical exercise, while others only pay attention to physical exercise, and cultural learning is not enough There are great deficiencies.

Based on the above guiding ideology, opinion gives three principles of school physical education reform, that is, the direction of reform. That is: reform and innovation, facing the future, make up for the weak points, develop with characteristics, unite ones heart and work together to educate people.

Mao Zhenming interpreted that making school physical education adapt to the requirements of the reform and development of education means that we are a big country in education, but sports is a weak point, so sports must have a place in education. The development of Chinas education cannot be without the development of school physical education;

Tongguang university students expectations of high-quality and rich sports resources are consistent, Mao Zhenming believes that this means that the majority of students have expectations for participating in sports activities, not because students do not like sports, but because of the constraints of various aspects, we have not provided students with good physical education classes and sports activities;

The education system of building morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor should be constructed to match the education system. Mao Zhenming said that physical education, as one of the five educations, needs to develop together with morality, intelligence, beauty and labor.

Just as the word improvement is used in the title of opinions, it is almost never seen in the title of school sports documents issued by the state in the past. The word improvement expresses the meaning of change.

Our previous understanding of school physical education has not fully reflected the overall value of physical education. Zhou Lin recalled that in 2016, when she began to carry out physical education reform in Hongqiao primary school, she was also questioned by the outside world. She thought that she just wanted to use sports to make a feature for the school. In fact, it was also the understanding of many people about school sports in the past - brand engineering and image engineering.

However, the reform of school physical education that Zhou Lin hopes to promote is not the same. With the help of experts, she starts from the whole staff sports meeting and the shift system of physical education teaching, trying to break the two strange circles of School Physical Education: most students have never participated in sports meetings and have been in physical education classes for more than ten years, but they do not have any sports skills.

By changing the idea and way of holding the sports meeting, all students can participate in the sports meeting; the class system of physical education teaching breaks the limitation of administrative class, so that all students can choose their favorite courses from the sports special courses offered by the school according to their own interests.

Since 2016, great changes have taken place in the physical education teaching and sports activities of Hongqiao primary school in Changsha high tech Zone. The physical quality of children has been enhanced, and the school performance has also been improved.

Zhou Lin said, last year and this year, the districts two teaching quality sampling tests, our school is the first in the whole district, so sports will not only not affect students performance, but also promote it.

It is also because of the sports reform in Hongqiao primary school that many local people see the more comprehensive value of school sports. People who once thought Zhou Lin was only engaged in sports to create school characteristics have finally changed the prejudice that school sports are just image projects.

In the secondary school affiliated to Beijing Second Foreign Language College, the development of national sports is very impressive. The opinions mentioned forming a new situation of school sports development with one school, one product and one school with many products .

Zhao Li believes that one school with one product and one school with multiple products is very effective for schools to promote sports work. This one product or multiple products is not only a school brand, but also mobilizes everyone to pay attention to sports work, which is a starting point for better carrying out school sports work. For example, we promote multi curriculum linkage with national sports as the carrier

Parents send their children to participate in sports activities. Information map

But in the initial work of one school, one product, some parents did not understand.

Zhao Li recalled, some parents even called the Education Commission to complain that there were too many sports activities in the school and they were worried about affecting their childrens learning. I was also under a lot of pressure at that time. After all, there were spot tests for teaching quality in primary schools and high school entrance examinations in middle schools. If it was really because the development of school sports activities affected childrens learning, it would be very difficult to get the support of parents.

But over the past few years, the changes of students are obvious to all. Zhao Li said that students physical quality and academic performance have improved. Therefore, parents not only no longer oppose the school to carry out national sports activities, but also actively participate in the school when they need the help of parents.

Schools like Changsha Hongqiao primary school and Beijing No.2 foreign language secondary school have been practicing school physical education reform for several years, and some of the practice contents are also reflected in the opinions.

For example, opinions require that physical education courses in compulsory education stage help students master 1-2 sports skills. In maozhenmings view, the specific measures to help students master 1-2 sports skills are church, hard-working and regular competition. In order to teach, practice and regularly, we must break the current sports teaching methods of skimming, low-level repetition, simple trial and half way Formula. Explore the physical education of walking class system as soon as possible.

Mao Zhenming believes that students can choose, specialized class system of Physical Education (after the senior grade of primary school), can promote our students a long life, one teacher, one college, one school and many products.

As Zhou Lin said, the release of the opinions has given us principals of primary and secondary schools who attach great importance to the reform of physical education a guiding document, which makes us more convinced that this matter is right.

There are still many bright spots in this opinion. For example, when it comes to encouraging schools at the basic education stage to open a PE class every day, Mao Zhenming said that this statement was also unprecedented.

This gives policy support to many schools that want to offer more physical education. Note that it is not to encourage schools with conditions, but schools at the stage of basic education. It can be predicted that in the future, many schools in China will have physical education every day.

Opinions mentioned that promote traditional Chinese sports. In Wang Zongpings opinion, it is upholding cultural confidence to carefully sort out traditional Chinese sports such as Wushu, wrestling, chess, shooting, dragon boat, shuttlecock, five bird gymnastics, dragon and lion dance.

The opinion also mentioned that efforts should be made to ensure that students have one hour of sports time on and off campus every day. According to Wang Zongping, what was said before was to exercise for an hour every day, which included physical education, calisthenics and extracurricular activities. Now, he said that in addition to the sports activities on campus, there are also one hour of extracurricular sports activities.

He said that according to relevant research, every time students increase their outdoor activities for an hour, the myopia rate will drop by 10%.

For the problem of accountability in school sports activities, the opinion gives the direction of solution - try out the third-party mediation mechanism for students sports safety accidents.

Mao Zhenming believes that the third party is introduced to deal with student safety incidents, which can make the school step back when an accident occurs in school sports activities. The third party can judge whether the school is responsible and how much responsibility it should bear, and give suggestions on how to deal with it. This will help to reduce pressure and untie school sports activities.

Of course, this opinion only gives a direction of school physical education reform, and many specific work needs follow-up documents and policies.

For example, on the supplement of physical education teachers, Wang Zongping said, how can sports teachers complete? How to match? The document is not clear. If it is not clear what proportion and number of physical education teachers should reach, and the school may still not recruit physical education teachers, then how can physical education teachers be matched?

There are also widely concerned about the increase in the score of physical education entrance examination and the entrance of physical education into the college entrance examination. Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of sports, health and arts of the Ministry of education, said on October 16 that the physical education score of the high school entrance examination would gradually be raised to the same score as the main courses such as Chinese and mathematics, which soon aroused the doubts of some parents and thought that the childrens burden would be heavier.

The topic of sports entering the college entrance examination has also aroused some parents doubts. Wang Zongping believes that according to Chinas education evaluation mechanism, only when physical education enters secondary school and college entrance examination can it be valued by the whole society. We can try to bring physical education into the elective subjects of the college entrance examination, and give the students the right to choose.

Mao Zhenming believes that the states evaluation mechanism for physical education curriculum will certainly be strengthened, including the discussion on how to add sports to the college entrance examination, but it should not be the same way as the physical education in the high school entrance examination. High school physical education tests, physical education scores, physical education evaluation, etc. may be added to the evaluation of students, which will have an impact on students college entrance examination. However, this is a matter that affects the whole body. It is very sensitive, and the specific methods need to be further studied and explored.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of China Youth Daily_ NB12651