Milan street fashion talent street shot! Its so fashionable. Please copy it

 Milan street fashion talent street shot! Its so fashionable. Please copy it

The most practical and durable piece in autumn and winter is windbreaker! Although most of the styles are very light and thin, the density of the fabrics after special treatment is very high. A thin layer can block the cold on the street. The experts on the streets of Milan know this very well.

Jeans are very popular in any season. Now the temperature is just suitable for jeans jumpsuits with long sleeves. The cool blue looks clean and simple. The figure that fits but does not fit the body will not be too restrictive. The straight tube version can unintentionally reflect the body material advantages of street adults.

Knitted vest can be said to be a very practical piece. In this season, it will be hot to wear a sweater, and sometimes it will be cold to wear a single piece. It is wise and fashionable to use a knitted vest with color matching to keep warm or increase the sense of layering.

Knitted vest with a simple straight tube skirt, the whole person looks warm but not bloated, with a pair of half high Martin boots, fashionable and have their own attitude.

Bright color skirt is also a good piece to light up autumn and winter, making the season full of black and white gray active and interesting.

Solid color suit is a classic and timeless style. Use a pure white T-shirt to make it look clean and tidy without too many complicated elements. It is also a set of collocation with high-level feeling.

The woolen coat in autumn and winter is the closest practical item to now. The warm fabric and smooth tailoring make the choice of inside more. The oversized skirt can allow you to wear wide leg pants, and the waist closing design can ensure a good body proportion.

The men on the streets of Milan also wear leather clothes and shirts, which seem to be very estranged, with their own taste.

The ruffled shirt and Khaki Skirt are very French and age reducing.

Plaid suit with solid color inside is simple and fashionable French style.

Black and white outline stitching denim jacket is the product of collision between innocence and wildness.

The eye-catching degree of the couples windbreaker is no less than that of the catwalk in the show.

Underwear is also becoming more everyday.

Wear a long woolen coat, give people enough warmth and security.

The smart suit reflects the elite style of the workplace.

After seeing so many talented people on the streets of Milan, do you have more new ideas for your autumn clothes?