The straight man aesthetic that girls hate can also get inspiration for beauty

 The straight man aesthetic that girls hate can also get inspiration for beauty

Straight mens aesthetic is always simple and crude. For example, when it comes to red numbers, straight men only have red in their eyes

The focus is also different from that of girls. For example, straight mens aesthetic point of clothes often makes girls feel difficult to understand

Make complaints about Tucao, why do we make complaints about what is right? That is because, in the aesthetic matter, there is a gap between men and women that is difficult to understand. Although men and women have different aesthetic standards, men are still visual animals, not totally ignorant of beauty.

Just like Qiu Shuzhen and Gao Yuanyuan, are not many girls eating their faces?

After ending mutual damage, they also make complaints about the beauty of straight men. Instead of following the crowd, we should make complaints about straight mens aesthetics. Maybe there are some treasures that can be used for us.

Think about the time when you were a student, the boys in the class thought that the girl was beautiful. Other girls might not get it. They would think that her nose was a little collapsed, her mouth was a little shriveled, and her facial features were not as good-looking as the other girls in the class

It seems that junior high school boys, although young, have long had a direct male aesthetic.

When you look at your face, you dont see your facial features

In Japan, there was a survey that asked everyone to choose one of the following six girls as the best one. Friends can also choose quickly, which younger sister do you pick?

The final results show that men mostly choose number 2, while women mostly choose number 6.

Men generally think that No. 2 has big eyes, fair and clean skin, and looks cute; while girls generally think that No. 6 girl has big eyes, high nose, upright facial features and amazing

Unfortunately, in straight men, Im afraid we seldom notice who has bigger eyes and whose face is sharper. What they are attracted to No. 2 is the overall clean and lovely feeling. For them, the overall attractiveness of girl No. 6 is slightly inferior.

So when a straight man looks at his face, he looks at his feeling. He has a clean and elegant temperament, fair skin and long hair like a waterfall As long as this overall temperament hits TAs aesthetic, she will be attracted by the girl in front of her

Therefore, what we often say is that one white covers a hundred ugliness, instead of making the shortcomings disappear, it creates an overall atmosphere through the white skin color, so that people do not pay too much attention to the defects in the appearance

In addition, hair is also a key to the overall bonus. Hair fluffy, hair quality is good, a look at the past will have a kind of nourishing feeling. Otherwise, how can we say that beautiful women win in their hair?

You dont look at details when you look at your body

Straight men pay attention to the advantages of front convex and back warping, and capture the overall feeling is sexy. Attracted by this advantage, they will feel beautiful. Therefore, straight men are more likely to enter the mode of looking for the best and pay attention to the overall feeling

We all know that Guan Xiaotongs shoulders are broad and strong, but it doesnt matter. If she shows her legs more, she will attract the audiences aesthetic into the mode of looking for the best. Who can remember her broad shoulders?

If the waist is very thin, you can show the small waist to attract attention, and the whole person looks thin. Waist a thin, the overall feeling of thin

If the waist is thick, you can wear loose clothes to cover it, or A-line skirt with high waistline can be regarded as a good way to divert attention

When we look at people as a whole, we dont look at the parts

Besides looking at the face and body, when looking at people directly, he will also pay attention to the overall feeling, that is, the atmosphere beauty in the female mouth. For example, nature and pure nature are a sense of the whole

Heavy makeup in straight mens eyes vs. plain face

To put it bluntly, straight men dont like big red lips and smoky make-up, which are obviously processed after tomorrow. They like make-up that looks like its not made up but it looks great.

The reason why the tea art makeup of this summers fire is deeply loved by straight men is that it looks natural

In the tea makeup, there is no strong eye shadow, no big red lips, fair skin, clean as natural. Whether it is light eye shadow, pink and delicate lipstick, or fair, clean skin, these are like a persons beautiful state, as if pure natural.

In Sophias side, there are always a lot of girls struggling with their eyes not big enough or their legs a little thick. But in fact, the bold brain circuits of straight men remind us that beauty is a whole feeling, an advantage enough to catch an eye, rather than a fragmentary detail.

Light brown hair color, light eye makeup and lip makeup, with apricot shirt, natural and comfortable, there is a kind of gentle quiet years

For example, Sophia herself is deeply surrounded by the cool breeze. Its so beautiful. Its two meters eight! But geese, after asking some straight boyfriends around him, all said: I cant appreciate it

It can be seen that what straight men like is feminine sexuality. No matter they are gentle and sweet or sexy and playful, they are not mixed with masculine traits such as cool and handsome. They all look very feminine.

Sexy and playful

This kind of temperament of playfulness is also the female sex appeal that straight men like. Such as blinking, tongue sticking, like a cute kitten, people cant help but like

There was a saying on the Internet that loveliness is not worth mentioning in front of sexiness. What if sexy and cute coexist? Sexy and playful, charming, but also lovely. Some straight men have no resistance to this kind of naughty goblin

Make up

In addition, straight men also value clothes. In the Japanese drama lovelorn chocolate worker, rimei Ishiharas clothes are mainly in pink and light colors. Many hairy elements can create a sense of playfulness

In addition to being playful, sexy can also be shown by dressing. Figure curve is a very strong female characteristics, therefore, in the advantages of the figure curve, choose a slim piece, can highlight the beauty of female curve

Expression dynamics

To create sexy and playful, in addition to make-up, but also need expression. For example, Reba is sexy and exotic, but has no sense of distance; this is precisely because she has no idol burden when she laughs, and makes people circle powder every minute

For example, this moving picture, while bowing his head, slowly throws out a wink. With a smile, the feeling of sexy and provocative will come into being

With the occasional blink, it is a naughty speech. Expression sometimes sexy and sometimes playful, is not a minute to become a provocative goblin?

Intellectual elegance

Intelligent and elegant women look clean and gentle, generous and decent. Every act and every action is like a well-known lady.

Whether you smile brightly, or your skin is white and well dressed, you will appear intellectually elegant

Beautiful appearance, interesting soul; intellectual and elegant girls attraction to men is probably the existence of white moonlight. Girls who take this route can try the following methods~

Make up

So if you want to create elegant intellectual beauty, make-up should be simple. Lipstick color is light, showing a good look on the line.

On top of that, what you wear is also important. Light color is the main way to dress. Simple clothes echo simple make-up. The gentle beauty of quiet years is shown

In addition, the expression will also give intellectual grace temperament points. When you smile, the corners of your mouth grin to a good-looking arc. When you smile, you should hold on, and smile well and implicitly

It can be seen that the beauty of straight men is not without rules and is difficult to understand. Pay attention to the advantages and the overall atmosphere, like the temperament of partial female sex appeal, is the core of straight mens aesthetic

Did you find out? In the past, we tried to make complaints about straight mens aesthetics, but we did not need to exclude them completely. It seems that the brain circuits of straight men, which seem to be quite different from those of our girls, are actually hiding a lot of Enlightenment on how to become beautiful~

However, we should know that thinking about the beauty appreciation of straight men is just to help us get rid of the habitual thinking of becoming beautiful in the past and open up new ideas, but it is not for catering.

Just like Dongyu Zhou, when he first came out, he was make complaints about the ordinary figure of his friends. But she did not change herself in order to cater to others, but in her own way, she became glittering on the way to beauty and career

Although the figure seems to have nothing to do with sexuality, even Vimy, who is very in line with the beauty of straight men, has invited her as a spokesperson. When sexy is redefined by her, does it create a new kind of beauty?