Kate gets rid of rustic atmosphere, and her red coat appears beautiful and elegant

 Kate gets rid of rustic atmosphere, and her red coat appears beautiful and elegant

Princess Kate is the absolute protagonist in this appearance, while William is going to help his wife. The couple visited the London website and visited the street to watch the murals, and officially launched hold still 2020.

Holdstill2020 is a public photography project jointly organized by Princess Kate and her sponsored National Portrait Gallery after this years epidemic. It aims to let people record the countrys heroes, deeds and personal feelings with their cameras at this special moment. Recently, 100 excellent works have been selected and made public. These series of works will start from today It has been touring in more than 80 districts, towns and villages in the UK to encourage and unite the national feelings and strength of the UK, and to make the medical staff in the front line more motivated to persist.

This is the background of todays event~

The amazing degree also lies in the high-level feeling brought by the texture of the coat. In the past, red gave me a gaudy feeling, but it was very beautiful and eye-catching when I wore it. This length of coat is really not what ordinary people can try at will. After all, if the height is 175cm, it will naturally be more refreshing. Even if the coat is very heavy, Kates small waist and the princesss thin can still be seen from her back The way of body has always been a secret that many people want to know ~ but according to Kates personal disclosure, after giving birth to children, she is running after them ~ naturally, she is much thinner as a third child mother.

Her black handbag is new and modern. It is no longer a super regular box in the past. When the wind blows and Kate gets out of the car, she feels more confident and queen like. This time, as the protagonist, she is also properly held. Her husband, Wei Lian, has become a follower~

The pair of high-heeled shoes are still the pair of gianvitorossi suede thick heels that have been in love for many years. There is no slightest surprise or surprise.

Although there are few jewelry accessories, the whole person is radiant and confident, calm and atmospheric.

The overall shape is really more awesome than ever. The new stylist needs to add chicken legs. I hope that Kate can contribute more to modern style modeling, so that everyone can see more of her growth.

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