Sports should become a major subject! It will change the traditional teaching mode

 Sports should become a major subject! It will change the traditional teaching mode

We should improve the physical education score of the high school entrance examination, open the research on the college entrance examination, and encourage the school to have physical education every day A series of new measures have aroused the attention of all walks of life.

Students of Aoxi primary school in Yuqing County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province practice iron ring rolling in PE class. Photo by Liu Xu, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

From the edge to the promotion of the score of physical education entrance examination

One of the biggest changes in school physical education is to improve the score of physical education in high school entrance examination, and even achieve the status of major subjects such as the same language and number. The three documents clearly put forward that we should improve the content, method and scoring method of physical education test in high school entrance examination, and scientifically determine and gradually increase the score value. At the same time, actively promote colleges and universities to add sports items in the enrollment test, and start to use the evaluation results of sports literacy in college enrollment.

Physical education, which was regarded as a marginal subject in the past, is expected to turn over salted fish and play a more important role in the college entrance examination. In this regard, Wang Dengfeng, director general of the Department of sports health and art education of the Ministry of education, said that in the future, the physical education entrance examination should reach the level of the same score as the number of words.

At present, in Yunnan Province, starting from this year, the physical education entrance examination in Yunnan Province has the same score of 100 points as that of other languages. We have set up an expert group to sort out the sports entrance examination in various parts of the country, and at the same time, we have increased the promotion of Yunnans experience Wang Dengfeng said that Yunnans sports high school entrance examination is divided into three years, the results of the three years are accumulated. This reflects the requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council for the reform of education evaluation system, that is, to increase process evaluation.

School physical education does not increase students extra burden, let alone affect the performance of cultural courses. On the contrary, it is a process of mutual promotion. Wang Dengfeng said.

Strengthening the entrance examination of physical education aims to improve the physique and health level of teenagers. Chen Peijie, President of Shanghai Institute of physical education and vice chairman of the National College Physical Education Steering Committee, said that the health monitoring of students carried out by the Ministry of education shows that the physical health level of students in grade three of junior high school and grade one of senior high school is significantly better than that of other grades.

The Ministry of education has also made it clear that the Ministry of education will continue to sum up experience on the basis of the physical education entrance examination, and immediately start the research on the score of sports in the college entrance examination.

Through the in-depth study on the evaluation mechanism of Chinese and foreign students physical education, we believe that it is feasible to actively explore the way to bring the index system of sports literacy into the evaluation of students physical education. Chen Peijie said that sports literacy includes sports awareness, knowledge, behavior, skills and effectiveness. Through the establishment of comprehensive dimensions, students sports and physical health level can be scientifically evaluated.

Change the teaching mode, practice after class and competition after class

In fact, the reform content of school physical education is not only the change of physical examination and college entrance examination. For the PE class, how to teach, how to test, the relevant documents are involved. Church, hard training and regular competition has become an important connotation of school physical education in the new era.

What does physical education teach? Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and improving school physical education in the new era puts forward that the school physical education teaching mode of health knowledge + basic sports skills + special sports skills should be gradually improved. In physical education, students should not only learn the basic skills of running, jumping and throwing, but also master the special skills of foot basket volleyball, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, ice and snow sports.

In order to change the phenomenon of walking through the field in physical education class and let students really master sports skills, physical education should first be guaranteed in quantity. In this regard, the document clearly states that physical education should be open and full, gradually increase the class hours and enrich the course content. Schools in the basic education stage are encouraged to open one PE class every day.

In explaining the importance of hard practice and regular competition, Wang Dengfeng made an example: diligent practice is the after-school practice and homework of subjects such as language and mathematics, while regular competition is just like the composition question of Chinese examination.

For the homework and composition of physical education, the relevant documents clearly put forward: strive to ensure that students have an hour of sports activities in and out of school every day; establish a sports competition system in primary and secondary schools that integrates school competitions, inter school leagues and selective competitions.

In addition to classroom teaching, school physical education should also organize regular after-school sports training and exercise. Sports competition for everyone is also an important part of physical education curriculum. Only by participating in sports competitions can we realize the function of tempering will and perfecting personality of school physical education Wang Dengfeng said that in the campus sports competition system, it will refer to the previous campus football competition system model for organization and planning.

Promoting comprehensive education with sports, changing customs and changing ideas

In addition to the rich changes in the content of physical education, a greater change is reflected in the concept.

This is a revolution in ideology that changes customs and customs. Wang Dengfeng said that not only principals, teachers, students and parents should realize that the contents of school sports have been greatly enriched, but the whole society should also change their understanding of the value and significance of sports. In terms of concept, sports has gone from simple physical activities understood in the past to an important carrier of cultivating peoples overall quality and carrying forward the collective spirit of patriotism.

Wang Liwei, director of the Youth Sports Department of the General Administration of sports of the peoples Republic of China, also believes that seeing sports has a real help for students further education and students growth, it will also make parents and society change their ideas and truly attach importance to the physical and mental health and all-round development of young students. The change of concept will also drive the further reform and development of physical education and education.

In order to truly realize the concept revolution of school physical education, the relevant documents also put forward solutions to the outstanding problems in the development of school sports.

For example, in view of the short board of school physical education teachers, the document proposes to increase the supplement of primary and secondary school physical education teachers, and set up a certain proportion for recruiting sports teachers every year in areas that are not fully equipped, and establish a system of employing outstanding retired athletes as sports teachers or coaches. In the future, outstanding retired athletes can take the post of school sports coach and physical education teacher through the way of first entering the job and then training.

P.E. teacher and coach are two positions with different work contents, but they can be held by one person. Physical education teachers are mainly engaged in more comprehensive education, while coaches focus on the teaching and training of professional skills Wang Dengfeng said.

For the development of school physical education, Chen Peijie said that the three documents constitute the overall design of school physical education reform. However, at the meso level and micro level, there are still policy documents, and more work needs to be done.

In the process of landing, we should make full use of the joint efforts of teachers, students, families and society. If we can make full use of social forces, especially market forces, to participate in school physical education, the reform of school sports will be more in place. Chen Peijie said.

Source: Peoples Daily Overseas Edition editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651