How to dress in autumn? Try these three fashionable and warm ways

 How to dress in autumn? Try these three fashionable and warm ways

This is very important

Today, lets talk about these three kinds of clothing collocations

Full of fashion!

Look1: windbreaker + dress

Look2: windbreaker + straight pants

Windbreaker is a good season to mix and match in autumn. With the change of collocation, it is easy to deduce the fashion trend. Windbreaker has always been the exclusive term for elegance. No girl can resist its temptation. It has all kinds of advantages. No matter its a tall girl with long legs or a cute girl with a petite figure, if you put on a suitable windbreaker, you will instantly become fashionable and temperament, or sassy and handsome, or delicate and elegant, or light familiar knowledge, or free and easy sex appeal The taste of beauty is beyond remedy.

In other words, the popular color of this years windbreaker, khaki, has the same high appearance rate, atmosphere and versatile style. Moreover, it doesnt choose skin color at all. The design of big Lapel adds more leisure atmosphere. Its medium and long, just above the knee length. In early autumn, its very fashionable to simply wear a T-shirt inside and a nine point SLIM STRAIGHT pants on the lower body Flow!

Look3: windbreaker + skirt

In short, this autumn begins