Leather + dress is beautiful and sassy, warm and fashionable

 Leather + dress is beautiful and sassy, warm and fashionable

01 leather dress + dress match carefully

u2460 Fabric contrast

If you want to wear leather clothes and dresses in a beautiful and sassy style, you must create contrast in the fabric. Fabric can best reflect the texture, leather fabric is more rigid, also with a certain degree of toughness and light, in the visual can give a sense of handsome uninhibited.

On the fabric of the dress, you can choose a lighter and softer style. The dress with soft fabric is full of elegant feeling, which can neutralize the hardiness of leather coat. With leather clothing and soft fabric dress together, one rigid and one soft fusion, easy to create a combination of hardness and softness feminine style!

u2461 Coordination of complicated and simple

If you want to mix publicity personality and high-level together, you should pay attention to the overall collocation of complicated and simple. The principle of complex and simple coordination is very simple, if the elements of the overall shape are too messy, it will appear very gaudy and old-fashioned. At this time, with a simple style to suppress the cumbersome elements, will let the two check and balance each other, easy to create a high sense.

This kind of wearing method is also applicable to leather clothes and dresses. If you choose leather clothes with simple styles, you can choose styles with more colors; if you choose leather clothes with strong sense of design, you should be relatively simple in dress styles.

02 specific Collocation:

Look1, leather + Floral Dress

The most easy to explain the combination of the wearing method, is to use leather clothing and floral skirt matching. Like this tide, he chooses to match black leather coat with black red flower. The style of black leather coat is classic and versatile, and can be perfectly integrated with any color combination.

The floral dress with red flowers on the black background belongs to a less selective style. The large-scale tiled black, after adding red flowers, breaks the monotony and injects a trace of vitality into the dress, which is very high-level atmosphere. The combination of one complicated and one simple can keep the vivacity of the floral skirt, but it will not appear to be too high-grade.

If the middle-aged women aged 30-40 want to show elegant temperament, they can choose the red and black floral skirt mentioned above. But to create the effect of age reduction, it might as well try blue black, green black and other colors of floral dress. This type of dress, usually with a little fresh feeling, can create a younger tender effect.

Like retro style of women, there will be a wave point dress in the wardrobe, with the wave point dress and leather clothing together, can collision out of fashion and high-level spark Oh! If you want to wear elegant and intellectual feeling, it is recommended to try the wavelet point dress. Compared with the big wave point, the wavelet point will be more lively, and with the gentle long dress, it can create an elegant visual feeling.

At this time, when choosing leather clothes, try not to choose large lapels, but small lapels. Small Lapel leather design is more conservative, not too bold and wavelet point dress can create more intellectual charm.

Look3, leather + Print Dress

The Ruffle Dress has a strong age reduction effect. It is very cute and playful. When it is matched with a handsome leather dress, it will show vitality and passion. Fairies aged 20-25 must not miss it! Small girls in the choice of Ruffle Dress, remember to choose short. Short length with the lotus leaf edge, not only can modify the leg line, but also can avoid cumbersome procrastination, to a certain extent, can play a higher effect.

Look5, leather + Satin Dress

The collision of different materials can mix and match the feeling of new fashion and foreign style. Among all the fabrics, the most advanced texture is satin. When applied to the style of dress, the high-level texture is enhanced and the womans temperament is highlighted. With the leather clothing of hard material, it has the hardness of leather clothing and the advanced level of satin dress. It is beautiful and SA, full of offensive spirit!