How many patterns are there in this seasons sweater?

 How many patterns are there in this seasons sweater?

Retro lapel

Retro Lapel knitting fashion continues from the end of summer to winter, remember jisoos polo collar Knitted Top? Yes, its still popular in winter.

Change to long sleeves for warmth and a retro feel. Like yuan Shanshan, it is really in line with autumn and winter temperament to match jeans and the most powerful golden glasses.

Liu Shishis Lapel long knitted skirt looks like a good girl student waiting for a bus on the side of the road after school.

Zhang Zifeng chose a more casual and loose style, and the threaded knitting of the button part was very classic. My sister with short hair really has her own style.

In addition to the traditional button style, zipper with lapel is more heroic. Ouyang Nanas lapel is very handsome and strong.

The lapel without button is more free and easy. It is recommended to start with basic colors, which can be matched with ordinary clothes to improve texture.

Tips for dressing

Solid color is preferred for lapel knitting this season. Whether its bright jumping colors or versatile oatmeal colors, solid colors and lapel knitted sweaters are more integrated, which can highlight the simple sense of retro.

Sweet bud

With a slight expansion of the knitting way & thick wool, short style, just like the flower bud sweet style, is also the love of many people!

Zhao Ruth, wearing lavender purple sweater, is full of girlish vigor! The beauty of this style of flower bud is that its bulging, but its not fat because its stuck in the waistline.

With some small embroidery decoration, it is a gentle scene in winter.

Colorful flower bud sweater is very romantic, classic black and white gray can make these cool colors become soft.

Black can be just as cute. Yang Caiyus black sweater, with low V-neck and bat sleeves, perfectly shows the advantages of her upper body, making her more gentle and chic.

Tips for dressing

If you feel that the color system is not practical to wear, then choose a soft cream color department ~ appropriate exposure of waist skin, spring may not be far away.

Outerwear + the same style with the inside is also a very popular knitting method this season. Many brands have launched similar styles since last year and have been very popular this year.

Knitted suits can be boldly selected a little cooler inside, such as knitted underwear & Sling style.

Of course, Haley does need courage in this way.

There are also lovely styles for everyone to choose from!

Tips for dressing

The lining is also knitted texture, pay attention to the material selection close to the skin, otherwise wear for a long time will stimulate the skin. In addition, purple is really hot this season!

Sweater cutting

Blacklink, which specializes in cutting clothes, brings us new inspiration to wear sweaters. Avant garde hollowing out, cutting, this female style cutting method, can save those out of date, do not like knitwear! Lisas two pieces mainly keep the sleeves. Remember that the collar is the connecting part, and keep it intact.

Jennie cuts out her chest, or cuts off her entire shoulder Its all ways to make knitwear fun.

In unexpected places, there are some hollowed out, cutting design, showing a corner in the coat, is a particularly sexy sweater style.

Or into the room, take off the coat, the back hollowed out sexy, people can not resist.

A little dull winter, clothing style tailoring is very important, a little skin exposure, bold try it.

Its cooling down. Buy a sweater!

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