August 1 disbanded, sponsors pinched each other, the second generation of star fans slapped face This cba2.0 melon, is not a little bit strong?

 August 1 disbanded, sponsors pinched each other, the second generation of star fans slapped face This cba2.0 melon, is not a little bit strong?

It is not only the defending champion who faces the severe test, but also CBA companys great pressure: the national team training needs two window periods, but the schedule has been broken; the sponsors have come in and out, and the League broadcaster has not made progress in renewing the contract; before the league starts, the news of Yao Mings resignation as CBA chairman has spread widely, and the problems of Bayi team have not been solved until the beginning of the season

From a reporters point of view, we can find some detailed changes in CBA: for example, the League gave up the CBA small program which had been built at a high price in previous seasons, and used wechat group form for pre match booking; after staying in the hotel, the waiters sent 2 boxes of milk every day, while when the playoffs were held in Qingdao last season, the service staff directly brought in a box of milk, a box of yogurt and a box of mineral spring Water. It is in line with the general direction advocated by the state to be diligent and thrifty and to oppose extravagance and waste.

In fact, as the first major sports event of the second round, CBA has completed its task well in the last season. However, it happened to be the contract year of several sponsors. Yi Jianlian was injured and the whole season was reimbursed. Lin Shuhao failed to reach a contract renewal with Shougang. The new season is still under the competition system. All these factors make the sponsors have to bargain before they pay. Affected by the epidemic, it will take time for the sports industry to recover. Even if it is stronger than Nike, it will only buy feet for Guo Allen this season. Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin have put on the shoes of League sponsor Li Ning.

Fortunately, on the day before the start of CBA, China Life renewed its contract for another three years, and the main sponsor of the League was retained. The last big contract was Migu. The official announcement announced that the amount of cooperation was 4 billion in five years. After Youku quit and Tencent did not sign the contract, they unexpectedly became the exclusive Internet broadcaster of the league.

In recent years, Migu has been trying hard in the field of sports, and has bought a lot of copyrights with a large sum of money. However, in terms of the production of CBA competition programs, there is indeed a gap with Youku and Tencent last year. The feedback from the media work is the most direct. In our correspondent group, Migu live broadcast has brought great challenges to their generated content, such as: the computer cant watch, the pictures often get stuck, and its inconvenient to intercept gifs.

Apart from the live broadcast technology itself, I think its very important for the fans to support and understand the rights and interests of sponsors. Many highlights of tigers reply are as follows: if Migu spends money to support CBA, Ill open members to support Migu. CBAs market prospects will be better when the fans understand business behavior better and spend money to support our league.

However, we need to be vigilant that we can not talk about commercialization without the competitive level, otherwise, it will be the reverse of history and return to cba2.0 era. From the competition in these days, the story of this season has been improved. Wu Qian, sun Minghui and Guo Allan have played superstar performances. In the post Yi Jianlian era, CBA guards have begun to rob the class and seize power. At the same time, this years CBA rookies got unprecedented discussion, their supplement to the league, has also become an important part of CBA for their own blood.

The CBA draft has entered its fifth year, with a record number of candidates. With the vigorous promotion of CUBA League in recent years, coupled with the operation of brokerage companies and variety shows, todays college players have been very popular before entering the league, and their performance is excellent. Many fans call this year the year of talent show.

For example, Zheng Qilong, the son of Zheng Wu in kendiya, Jiangsu Province, was once considered to be the embodiment of CBAs social sophistication. However, Zheng Qilong soon proved his ability to fight, kill and kill. He scored 20 points in the first show and 18 points in the second game, which he never got in Cuba, and apologizing to Li Nan soon became a hot topic. However, Li Nan, who has experienced big waves, can see through clearly. After the first match press conference, he affirmed Zheng Qilongs progress in training and performance in the game, but he also called on everyone not to judge players by the performance of a ball.

Zhu Mingzhen, the number one in the league, is also refreshing peoples understanding of him. After his first amazing performance, Guo Shiqiang praised him and called him a key player in the teams future construction. But for most rookies, being able to play is the first step after entering the profession. Among the existing players, it is not realistic that rookie season becomes the main rotation of the team. With Xis head coach bessinovic said frankly, CBA and University League are completely different, the sixth show Jiao Engel still can not meet the requirements.

In addition to the draft, clubs are also starting from the youth team. Less than a week after the start of the game, Zhang Hao, izmeti and Li lugao, three young players born after 02, have appeared in the competition. The old strong teams Shougang, Liaoning and Guangxia have also been promoted to the new generation after 00, and players such as Yang Ali, Wu CHANGZE and Ji Zhuo have also been given playing time.

Yesterday, I watched the match between Sichuan and Fujian on the spot. With Han Shuo, who was born after 2000, Han Shuo, who was once a Chinese penny, was the only player who changed his career from Bayi team to other places during the last off-season. In other words, he was the only player in the Bayi team that had the chance to play last season. Han Shuo played 42 minutes on the court without a break in the second half. He used 14 points to help the team get a good start to the new season. You can see from Han Shuos face how happy it is to have a chance to play.

The Basketball Association officially announced that the Bayi team will no longer participate in the professional league, and the history has come to an end. Hongyuan team reversed in the passive situation of half-time backwardness, and the momentum of defending champion came back; Migu sports in Hupu said that it had collected the opinions of fans and discussed the upgrading service with the product and business departments.

Everything is going well. Winter will come and it will pass.

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