Ren Qi gave himself a passing mark after his first show as Shanghai executive coach

 Ren Qi gave himself a passing mark after his first show as Shanghai executive coach

Ren Qi, born in 1984, announced his retirement after finishing the task of the 2018 Asian Games. He became a member of the Shanghai Mens volleyball coach team in the past two years. This is the first time that he led the team to go out. Zhan Guojun, the oldest player in the Shanghai Mens volleyball team, was born in 1988, and Xi Qingyuan, the youngest, was born in 2002. After the end of the league, we went back to make adjustments. During this period of time, we focused on physical training and less technical training. Ren Qi introduced the team and said, there is little time to cooperate with each other and there are many difficulties. The oldest Zhan Guojun and the youngest player after 00 are more than ten years old. There will be many problems of cooperation and tacit understanding. Moreover, many players seldom play league matches and lack of experience in competition..

The second setter Zhan Guojun was called Uncle Zhan by his teammates, which shows his position in the team. As an old member of the team, Zhan Guojuns words in the game were more, and he took the initiative to communicate with his young teammates. Cooperating with Dai Qingyao, Chen Longhai, Zhang Zhejia and others, we have a more tacit understanding with each other. This time, we have to take more responsibilities and ask ourselves to be higher, because the small team members are looking at me and making up as much as possible. Said Zhan Guojun. Every time a teammate is uncomfortable with the ball, Zhan Guojun will tell them the problem at the first time and take the initiative to take responsibility, I didnt pass well, ready for the next one.

Zhan Guojun has done a very good job today, reflecting the value of the old players. He can not only play well but also help the young team-mates play well. After Ren Qi competition praise played a very good role in Zhan Guojun.

Tian Cong, born in 1999, as the main player, was selected in the national youth mens volleyball team in 2014 and 2015, and also selected in the national youth mens volleyball team in 2017 and 2018, which is a potential stock of Shanghai team. Its also his first game of the year. As a small player, its mainly emotion driven technology. We dont have a burden, that is, to shock others. Tian Cong said that playing with veteran player Zhan Guojun is a kind of learning. He led us to play on the field and play the essence of Shanghai Mens volleyball team. The glory of the six consecutive titles of Shanghai Mens Volleyball League does not depend on one person, but on the team. Six people play one ball on the field.

We have to show ourselves and mobilize our emotions. Tian Cong said that coach Ren Qi told them. This is also the style of Ren Qis coaching. Young players have a lot of personality and emotions. I want to mobilize the enthusiasm of young players. I still need to learn from this. Ren Qi said, I will communicate with them more. After all, when I was a member of the team, I was more passionate. I infected them with language, emotion and expression, hoping to drive them..

As the executive coachs first game, Ren Qi gave himself a passing score. He thinks there are still some improvements in the timing of midfield suspension and communication with the players. This competition is a good exercise for him and the team.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Chinese Volleyball Association_ NB12651