Club, a toy house with overdue delivery and non refund

 Club, a toy house with overdue delivery and non refund

In March this year, the toy house Club announced through the official account of WeChat: ensuring the delivery time limit has always been our goal of unremitting pursuit. We will try our best to guarantee the accuracy of the prescription. But due to various reasons, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the 100% guarantee. For users with time delay, we accept refund without reason before the goods are delivered.

Ive placed an order since the beginning of this year, but I havent delivered the goods yet. The announcement says that there is no reason for refund, but I havent received any money now. Consumer Ms. Liu said.

On the platform of knowledge, there are also consumers who how to view the default refund and non delivery of club, the toy home? The maximum amount of non refundable is 8000 yuan.

There are 200000 orders in line now.

Based on the situation reported by consumers, a reporter from Beijing business daily contacted Toy House Club. Its responsible person said that at present, the list of complaints from consumers was overstocked during the epidemic period. However, due to the different time of registering for refund, some consumers have not received the refund yet, but the money is in the process of queuing up for refund. I hope that consumers will wait patiently In about a month, the corresponding money will be returned to each consumer.

According to the relevant responsible person of toy house club, during the epidemic period, we overstocked 200000 pieces of goods, because the quantity was too large, we could not return them all. We also plan to compensate consumers in the future, such as coupons and in kind. In addition, the goods purchased after April this year are normally delivered. However, due to its particularity, Goldstar needs to be ordered in Japan, which has seasonal influence. There will be no goods after this season. .

As for the current development status of toy dealers and the problems encountered by consumers, Zhao Hu, partner of Beijing Zhongwen law firm, believes that if the company can prove that such a situation is caused by the epidemic, it can be regarded as a reason. After all, there are many reasons including logistics for toys from abroad. At the same time, many enterprises have developed in this period Its hard, and there may be some problems in business. This special situation is not very good to rise to the height of infringement of consumer rights and interests, because there are also some factors that enterprises can not have.

If an enterprise does not operate well, but does not refund the money from consumers on the pretext of epidemic situation, this situation violates Article 25 of the law on the protection of consumers rights and interests: if the operator sells goods by means of Internet, television, telephone, mail order, etc., the consumer has the right to return the goods within seven days from the date of receiving the goods without giving reasons. Zhao Hu further stressed.

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and all parties, the industry has also called for the urgent need to strengthen the third-party supervision. According to Liu Deliang, founder of Xinyuan think tank, shopping platforms need to strictly implement the agreements with consumers. If the platform is mainly self-employed, the platform side, as a commodity seller, must agree with consumers on the products to be provided to them. At present, if there are problems, most of the solutions are that consumers use legal means to protect their rights, but a better way is to build a healthy and orderly market environment in line with laws and regulations to ensure the rights and interests of both consumers and merchants.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of Beijing business daily_ NB12679