Club, a toy house with overdue delivery and non refund

 Club, a toy house with overdue delivery and non refund

In March this year, the toy house Club announced through the official account of WeChat: ensuring the delivery time limit has always been our goal of unremitting pursuit. We will try our best to guarantee the accuracy of the prescription. But due to various reasons, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the 100% guarantee. For users with time delay, we accept refund without reason before the goods are delivered.

Ive placed an order since the beginning of this year, but I havent delivered the goods yet. The announcement says that there is no reason for refund, but I havent received any money now. Consumer Ms. Liu said.

It is not an example of consumers who have the same experience as Mr Lai and Ms Liu. According to incomplete statistics of Beijing business daily, 22 consumers have complained about Toy House Club on the black cat complaint platform since this year. According to one of the consumers, since January this year, he has placed an order to buy several models of the 10000 generation assembly model on the platform, but they have not delivered the goods so far. The reply given by the customer service is the warehouse is temporarily out of stock, and the delivery time is not clear. At the same time, after the consumer applies for a refund, the customer service only replies registered, financial processing.

On Zhihu platform, there are also consumers who think how do you think about the situation of overdue refund and non delivery of Toys Club? The maximum amount of money not refunded reaches 8000 yuan.

There are 200000 orders in line now.

Tianyan check shows that the company of toy house club is Jiangsu Hengyang Media Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2018 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. According to the product details page of toy home club mall, the platform is the distributor of Guangdong Ruihua Bank (general agent of Wandai company in China), threezzero, Hasbro and other brands.

Based on the situation reported by consumers, a reporter from Beijing business daily contacted Toy House Club. Its responsible person said that at present, the list of complaints from consumers was overstocked during the epidemic period. However, due to the different time of registering for refund, some consumers have not received the refund yet, but the money is in the process of queuing up for refund. I hope that consumers will wait patiently In about a month, the corresponding money will be returned to each consumer.

There is also some truth to the argument that the epidemic situation is overstocked. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, many toy manufacturers have been affected. Cao fan, general manager of Su Nantong Chaofan industry and Trade Co., Ltd., has publicly talked about the issue of return of goods: a large number of spring supply commodities are overstocked in various channels. In order to reduce their own pressure, the channels will ask suppliers to return their goods. Meanwhile, the channel providers will delay payment to suppliers because of the bad Spring Festival sales, which will affect the return of funds. In the next period of time, there will be problems in the capital turnover of the production and sales links of the toy industry

Urgent need to strengthen the third party supervision

Zhao Hu, a partner of Beijing Zhongwen law firm, believes that if the company can prove that the situation is caused by the epidemic situation, it can be forgiven. After all, there are many reasons, including logistics, involved in foreign toys. At the same time, the development of many enterprises in this period of time can be excusable Its very difficult. There may be some operational problems. This kind of special situation is not very good to rise to the height of infringing on the rights and interests of consumers, because enterprises also have to have some factors.

If an enterprise does not operate well, but does not refund the money from consumers on the pretext of epidemic situation, this situation violates Article 25 of the law on the protection of consumers rights and interests: if the operator sells goods by means of Internet, television, telephone, mail order, etc., the consumer has the right to return the goods within seven days from the date of receiving the goods without giving reasons. Zhao Hu further stressed.

Source: Chen Hequn, editor in charge of Beijing business daily_ NB12679