Four kittens died in the mans belly due to scalding the cat with boiling water has been expelled from the company

 Four kittens died in the mans belly due to scalding the cat with boiling water has been expelled from the company

On the afternoon of the 20th, the Red Star News reporter learned from Liu Hui of Taiyuan small animal rescue association that this (20th) morning, the leader of the security company where the man worked went to the pet clinic to visit the injured cat, paid 5000 yuan of medical expenses in advance, and said that he would dismiss the staff involved. The reporter repeatedly called the pet clinic and the phone was not connected. Liu said that the body temperature of the injured female cat could not be raised, the survival probability is 50%.

Four kittens in the female cats belly have died

Ms. He said that at that time, she was very angry and cooperated with two other passers-by to stop the man. He is still fierce with us.. I asked him why he wanted to kill small animals, and he said the cat was stealing sausages. Ms. He and passers-by tried to snatch the kettle from the mans hand, but the man turned and threw the kettle into the unit.

The scalded female cat is seriously injured

Ms. He then called the police. After the police arrived, they took the man back to the police station for investigation and made a record. Later, Ms. he contacted a nearby pet clinic and sent the injured cat. B ultrasound found that the injured cat was pregnant, and all four pups were dead.. Then, the doctor gave the injured female cat a caesarean section to induce labor, and made an operation.

According to the pictures provided by Ms. He, the female cat on her hand was seriously injured and her hair fell off in many parts of her body. Taiyuan Small Animal Rescue Association also intervened in the first time after learning about this. On the afternoon of the 20th, Mr. Liu, President of the association, told Red Star news that he had just returned from the pet clinic. The body temperature of the injured cat has not been raised. The survival rate is half and half.

Mr. Liu also said that many netizens visited today. This morning, the leader of Lius unit went to the clinic to visit the cat. He paid 5000 yuan in advance and said he would be dismissed. Mr. Liu said that the other party said the man involved was not a substation worker, but a security company employee cooperating with the substation.

According to Taiyuan radio and television reports, Liu, an employee of Taiyuan Security Service Co., Ltd., was scratched by a cat playing with his own cat after work, so he made an irrational act of watering the cat with boiling water.

Taiyuan Security Service Co., Ltd. responded that after the incident, the company attached great importance to the matter, and seriously handled the employee after investigation and verification, relieved labor relations, timely communicated with Taiyuan Animal Protection Association, paid 5000 yuan for follow-up treatment of burn cats and got the understanding of the animal protection association. I am sorry for this injury to animals. In the future, the company will strengthen internal management, do well in staff education, pay attention to care for small animals, and actively fulfill social responsibilities and obligations. The company will do everything possible to rescue the injured animals, but also invite the Internet media and netizens to understand.